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HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop Review

Enjoy the dual advantage of tablet and laptop in HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr convertible laptop. Studded with the most innovative features, this laptop offers unmatched convenience of work to the user. It is perfect support for writing, designing, streaming to enable you work and enjoy limitlessly with this device around.

HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop Review

Sturdy Processor

The HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop is sure to marvel you with its stress endurance capacity. It completes all tasks like a pro owing to Intel Core i5-8250U processor that demands nothing and delivers everything required for hassle-free working.

Specs HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop

The device is able to maintain its cool even with all applications running simultaneously due to instantaneous cooling system embedded inside. The quad-core feature enables seamless delegation and allows the user to accomplish more tasks with faster speed.

Memory and Storage

This convertible x360 14-ba110nr laptop from HP Pavilion series boasts faster downloads, multiple application handling capacity and quick reboots with the help of 8GB RAM. The laptop does not come crashing down when graphics intensive material runs on it, nor does it show any signs of stress when you download movies, videos, pictures etc.

The 256GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD about 256GB makes it easy for the user to maintain a personal collection of pictures, presentations, videos, music etc stored hassle-free on this laptop cum table from HP Pavilion.


See the pictures coming to life right on your lap! This laptop offers cinematic experience, packed in a sleek display, which measures just 14.0 inch. Its every inch is packed with pixels so that all pictures come crystal clear and tear-proof to you. Design, point, share like a pro on this multi-touch screen that is resolved to 1366 x 768p.

Display HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop

Pure pleasure of visual excellence supported by HD quality is worth appreciating and the best part is that eyes are not strained even after hours of working. Navigate hassle-free, share content and make yourself extra clear by sharing content with team members using multi-touch feature that allows you sitting in any comfortable position while collaborating. Added support of Windows Ink allows you designing in pure comfort.

Operating System

Get the function-rich menu and user-friendly work support in the form of Windows 10 Home. This operating system is an ideal feature for work enthusiasts who find it easy to do more job and delegate routine jobs to Cortana.

The operating system is an ideas multi-tasking support that help you load work applications, gaming applications and play music and videos simultaneously, so that there is not a single dull moment throughout the day.


Innovation exemplified – nothing can describe this keyboard better than this! The keyboard is attached to the screen with rotatable hinge allowing it to fold it like a book and have better look at the content.

Keyboard HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr

You type more, work faster and work in all conditions as the backlit feature allows the user to continue working even in dim light. Thus, you can work even while on go and have heavy duty tasks done the fastest possible.

Battery Life

You can enjoy minimum of 6.5 hours of battery back-up when you stream wirelessly your favorite program and go on a binge-watching spree. The laptop is more available, say for 7 hours, when video playbacks are on your mind.

So, when you know that you have important things to accomplish even while on the move just adopt a mixed usage strategy that can help you enjoy 8.5 hours of battery run time. Just be a little wise in your usage pattern, and this HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop will never disappoint you.


The HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop weighs just 3.6 pounds. This light weight work genius is not a problem at all when you need carrying it on shoulder to work. The 14-inch screen fits beautifully in 13.12 inches wide body offering an edge-to-edge display to marvel.

Design HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr

Color is silver that offers it a sleek look and make it an enviable arm candy. The numerical keyboard is also given a miss while designing so as to offer true tablet experience to the users and to accommodate maximum features in minimalistic design.

Ports and Connectivity

You can find a media reader, 1 HDMI port, 1 USB Type C 3.1 Gen 1 port, 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 port – a Ports and connectivity HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr plethora of connectivity options that further boost its multi-tasking abilities. Thus, you can add peripherals conforming to latest technology and have bigger full HD display, projectors, headsets etc to enjoy the richness in experience it offers.

You can also enjoy wireless connectivity with 802.11 b/g/n/ac Wi-Fi slot that brings to you internet in a blink and keeps you connected to it too for a flawless streaming and downloading treat. Thus, you are never away from resources and chip in data and content from all compatible devices, too, as Bluetooth makes it possible for you to connect to other devices as well. The laptop can be connected to Bluetooth speakers, and other USB driven solutions offering unlimited fun to the user.

Graphics Processor

Intel UHD Graphics 620 card, integrated type, does the pictures like a pro. You can enjoy faster downloading of pictures and videos, and experience added clarity in the visuals owing to the graphics processor that stands for quality and resilience.

Your designing tasks get a fantastic boost and your gaming endeavors find no limits with this this HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop that offers characteristic charisma to the content made possible by it. This graphics processor manages all pictorial presentations and graphical tasks like a pro and never let the device suffer with a feeling of extra burden.

Verdict – HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr

Bring home the bundle of delight with this HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr Convertible Laptop as it is all things happening. The laptop stands out in performance and looks and is surely your work mate that you can depend upon any point of time.

Buy From Amazon

Priced at just $649, this device is certainly a wise purchase as it is best suited for going cable-free and to have tablet’s fun, too, in a laptop.

Specs of HP Pavilion x360 14-ba110nr
Processor Intel Core i5-8250U quad-core (up to 3.4 GHz)
Graphics Intel UHD 620
Storage 256GB PCIe SSD
Display 14-inch WLED HD

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