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HP Pavilion 15-cc178cl Budget Laptop Review

HP Pavilion 15-cc178cl Budget Laptop is the good choice for considering up gradation from the hefty desktop. Studded with all advanced features including high speed processor, dependable operating system, ample storage and much more –  this laptop offers a reliable working tool to bring out more productivity in you without adding to your stress.

HP Pavilion 15-cc178cl Budget Laptop Review


The HP Pavilion 15.6” budget laptop works perfectly even when tuned to full throttle owing to its 8th Gen i7-8550U processor from Intel. Your work will never slow down as the device remains agile even after long hours of endless working.

User gets to do more and more with no compromise on precision as more applications can be opened and processed unabashedly. The quad core structure exemplifies speed and the user continues to up his game with every passing hour as the laptop reboots faster, never heats up or hangs up.

Graphics processor

There is dedicated 4GB graphic memory card empowered with the intelligence of NVIDIA GT940MX that offers user an ultimate video and animation experience. The images loading lightning fast with no tearing or blurring offer a cinematic experience to the user.

Performance HP Pavilion 15-cc178cl Budget Laptop

It is this graphics intelligence at the backend that every picture, video or video conference comes with added tangibility and offers simply outstanding experience to the user. It is quite suitable for gaming aficionados too, who need excellence in images for staying ahead of the rivals in point and shoot games.

RAM and Storage

This budget laptop from HP Pavilion 15-cc178cl comes with 8GB DDR4 SDRAM, offering you another reason to smile. Such humongous memory size is quite suitable for heavy duty applications, mammoth downloads and power efficient performance. The user can revel in the marvels of DDR4 technology that enables faster downloading per unit of power consumed, seamless processing and quick storage too. Thus, speed is the buzzword for which users prefer to buy this laptop having premium features at affordable price.

There is additional storage amounting to about 2TB also provided to add to the storage convenience. You can have unlimited games, movies, music, presentations and what not downloaded and saved on this beautiful machine offering perfect support for your work and entertainment needs to access while on the move.

Another interesting feature is optical drive that reminds of the days of CDs, DVDs and other secondary storage solutions. This drive works super fast and allows seamless playback with error-free running of the content.


The display of this budget laptop is super sleek set in thin bezel. Full HD quality display is suitable visual output for the NVIDIA graphics; these two together create a panoramic experience for the user. The images are crystal sharp, completely tear-free and full of life with every line and dot registering its presence inevitably.

High definition quality 15.6” screen delivers pictures with added graininess. It offers completely engaging output to keep the user captive for endless gaming, movie and work sessions.


Minimum travel time of keys offers super soft and strain-free typing experience – another feature to support the speedster in you. The keyboard is tested for million presses and offers reliable input support. There is a touchpad also provided for seamless navigation and easy click.

An added dose of excitement at work and play is offered with the back-lit feature that can help user do lots even when the lighting in the work area is not sufficient, and also it makes gaming environment super exciting.

Ports and connectors

This budget laptop from HP Pavilion series is connectivity genius. It has RJ 45 LAN slot, 1 Type C Gen 1 USB 3.1 and 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 port. You can multitask like a pro with HDMI port that allows using additional monitor to check an art work, or play game and much more. You also get a headphone/microphone combo jack to connect the laptop for a personal audio experience. The user can enjoy disturbance-free video calls or Skype calls to connect to the work alliances as well as family members.

There is a unique feature in the form of lift high hinge that allows user to angle up the keyboard at convenient position for comfortable typing. Also, the audio is powered by advanced technology so that the output is more immersive and engaging and is adjustable too, according to the content, to a wide variety of settings provided in the laptop – like Jazz, Cinema, Music, and many more.


The top of the screen carries a web cam. It is HD quality and offers amazing video support for group conferences and calls to family.  The camera is suitably high quality for the connectivity lovers like you and delivers clearer images, liveliness loaded, to bring in added clarity and a more personal touch to the communications.


The battery delivers close to 10 hours of run time with mixed usage. It is truly supportive of portable feature of the laptop and makes it a work tool worth depending upon, when you are away from the desk. Thus, break the shackles of staying glued to charging points with this laptop as it offers ample support to the user looking for a truly portable and alternative to the desktop.


It weighs about 4.7lbs. So, the user may find it a bit tiring for shoulders to carry it while travelling for hours. But, why carry it when you have lots to do with it! So, just charge it to the full and put it on while travelling in train, car, or on reaching your workplace – the experience will be truly mind-blowing and truly savory!

Design HP Pavilion 15-cc178cl Budget Laptop

Operating System

You get to fiddle with lots of ideas and bring them to reality too with Windows 10 that helps you multi-task in a variety of ways. The ample support provided by Cortana, a virtual assistant, is amazingly helpful for making you work more.

Specs of HP Pavilion 15-cc178cl
Processor Intel Core i7-8550U quad-core
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GT940MX 4GB
Storage 2TB HDD
Display 15.6″ Full-HD

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