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HP Omen 17-cb0060nr/70nr/80nr/90nr: HP’s New Sleek Gaming Laptops

If you are an avid gamer and have been on the lookout for something different around in the market but something that won’t leave you broke, the new HP Omen 17-cb0060nr/70nr/80nr/90nr are just what you need to add to your existing collection furthermore. The laptops have been designed with sleek additions for the best results in terms of the user experience and performance like never before.

hp omen 17-cb0060nr 70nr 80nr 90nr

For those who have been trying to meddle in some good quality gaming laptops, each of the variant under the HP Omen 17-cb0060nr/70nr/80nr/90nr gaming laptops can effectively serve the purpose that you possibly didn’t even think was possible.

The laptops have been imbibed with some of the best and the latest features to ensure that you don’t face any kind of difficulties as such. With the combination of the best display and even powerful processors, this is definitely just what you need in your life.

Design and Build

The very first thing about the HP Omen 17-cb0060nr/70nr/80nr/90nr is the fact that each one of them have a similar build and design which is here to last you through. The main reason why this does stand out of the rest is because of the sturdy build with the adjustable hinges that ensures to give the flexibility of playing your favorite games without any kind of interruptions as such.

design hp omen 17-cb0060nr 70nr 80nr 90nr

The combination of the all metal chassis with thinner bezels has been made to enhance the overall experience while using the device. Not only does it impact the overall screen to body ratio, it also does enhance the overall experience in terms of the visuals that you get from the same.

Apart from that, the laptops aren’t the most lightweight ones you’ll find in the market at the moment but they do stand out in comparison. They can be carried around quite easily without ending up causing an issue for you.


Apart from the amazing graphics, the primary reason that makes these new gaming laptops from HP such a hit is the amazing display. For the price that you pay, you are definitely getting better than what you could even imagine all along.

The device is equipped with a 17.3” full high definition, diagonal IPS-type display which never comprises when it comes to the visuals that you see with the games that you are playing. Irrespective of the model, the display is standard in all of them.

display hp omen 17-cb0060nr 70nr 80nr 90nr

They are also integrated with the best micro-edge WLED display with anti-glare property that you just can’t compare with something else. The screen resolution of the display is 1920×1080 pixels in all the models which is definitely an added bonus you can’t brush off.

All in all, the display ensures the maximum color payoff with genuine graphics and lesser exaggeration that many of us often tend to struggle with. For the most part, it has enhanced features that you wouldn’t necessarily get for the price point it comes with.

All the variants of this gaming laptop also have a refresh rate of 144Hz which is another addition to the list of pros that you need to peek into.


With the build and the display, next comes the performance of the devices in question. Much like any other model of HP laptops, even this one does stand up to all the performance hp omen 17-cb0060nr 70nr 80nr 90nr expectations that you have from it.

These new gaming laptops from HP are powered by the hexa-core 9th Generation Intel core i7-9750h processor along with the combination with up to 8GB GDDR6 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 graphics processor to bring along the amazing rendition of the games that you are bound to play around.

Each and every single visual in these laptop are made justice to, ensuring the maximum pay off that you could even expect from the gaming laptops around. The combination of these processors allow the user to experience immense speed, gaming realism, power efficiency and an overall immersive experience with real time ray tracing like nothing else.

In addition to that, the devices are also well suited for all the heavy duty gaming that you could never even think would be possible in such a mid-range gaming laptop.

play your favorite games with hp omen 17-cb0060nr 70nr 80nr 90nr

It also comes equipped with the Omen command centre which further allows you to have complete control over the overall performance of the games that you are playing on. The processors are also integrated with the Turbo boost technology which further enhances the overall gaming experience.


Last but not the least when it comes down to explaining the credible features of the new HP Omen 17-cb0060nr/70nr/80nr/90nr gaming laptops is the fact that it comes with up to 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM. This is also upgradeable to 2 accessible memory slots that you can’t even compete along well with.

In addition to that, these devices are also integrated with up to 512 GB PCIe NVMe SSD for amazing fast boot experience along with the file transfer and snappier experience like nothing else you could ever imagine.

The devices are also amazing in terms of the connectivity and that is something you actually don’t have to compromise on. All of these variants in this model of the new HP Omen gaming laptops are well equipped with the necessary ports that channel in better connectivity for the device like never before.

Final Verdict

If you are on the lookout for a mid-range gaming laptop with all the necessary features needed, these devices are actually quite amazing for that.


Buy HP OMEN 17-CB0070NR



Every single one of them does stand up for the kind of claims they do and ensure you to provide with an immersive gaming experience that you never forget.

The combination of the sleek design and the overall amazing performance is definitely something you need to get your hands on.

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