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HP ENVY 13-ad120nr Lightweight Laptop Review

HP ENVY 13-ad120nr lightweight laptop shows that light need not be fragile and poor in performance always. This laptop is super sleek, high performing and fully capable of performing the best even when pushed to full throttle.

HP ENVY 13-ad120nr Lightweight Laptop Review

Processor and Graphics Processor

The distinct responsiveness of the laptop is attributed to its quad-core 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8550U processor that has refresh rate of 4GHz. The laptop displays exceptionally fast load times making it Specifications HP ENVY 13-ad120nr Lightweight Laptop easy for the user to finish numerous tasks of multiple nature in record minimal time. The processor comes with cooling mechanism that allows the device to keep its cool and does not show instances of crashes when it is pushed to the last limits. A perfect support for multitasking pro like you, this processor redefines the performance and agility and helps the user up its game in productivity and excellence at work.

The pictures and videos are of marvelous quality – all thanks to integrated Intel UHD Graphics card 620! This high quality card is responsible for the crispness in visual output without slowing down the laptop performance allowing user to take entertainment breaks amidst work when the pressure surmounts. Thus, the crisp pictures of HD quality and cinematic level video output help users have lots done totally hassle-free.

Memory and Storage

HP Envy Lightweight laptop part no 13-ad120nr is empowered with 8GB SDRAM enabled with LPDDR3 technology, a revolutionary enhancement that allows user to open and use multiple applications swiftly and seamlessly. This memory never lets the user down and allows taking care of numerous tasks of diversified nature. 1866 MHz of memory speed supports seamlessness of functions and makes each work look like a cakewalk. Work, play and even stream music or videos – all at once and the laptop would never complain!

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To add to the storing and processing capacity of the laptop, there is PCIe NVMe enriched solid state drive of size approx. 256GB is provided. This processing expert works about 17 times faster than the traditional hard drive and makes reading, uploading and processing of web pages and applications a lightning fast experience. Carry your world at work and on the move and never bother about the space or speed; it works like a full-fledged desktop even when you are off the premises.

Operating System

Another mind-boggling support for performance giants is available in the form of Windows 10 operating system that takes multitasking to another level. With a virtual assistant Cortana provided for helping you search files, reminding meetings, giving you direction and address of important nearby spots and much more, the user is never struggling alone with its endeavors. The operating system delivers much more than what is expected and makes your work as easy as possible.


The IPS enabler, WLED-backlit display resolved to 1920x1080p is perfect video output support that has excellence of FHD. The display splashed edge-to-edge with hardly visible bezel offers an intriguing visual output that brings crystal clear images to life.

Display and keyboard HP ENVY 13-ad120nr

The characteristic vibrancy of the pictures and the videos brings you a cinematic experience right on your lap and transports you to the environment in the most immersive manner. The display measures 13.3” adding conspicuously to the sleekness quotient of this laptop. The micro-edge bezel brings all the focus to display making it more conspicuous with its killer look and multi-touch feature takes sophistication to another level


The laptop comes with input devices like keyboard and touch pad. The keyboard is distinctly supportive of fast working enabled by its ergonomic structure.

Keys with minimum travel time and soft pushes offer enthralling work experience minus strain on fingers and shoulders. It also adds to the multitasking abilities and supports the performance freak in you.


HP ENVY 13-ad120nr is truly portable and offers an honest cable-free experience as the battery gives standalone time as high as 14 hours. Thus, charge it and go! You can have an amazing portable experience of living the life off the hook.

Even with video plays, the battery output does not reduce beyond 12 hours. So, take convenience along and leave worries behind when you choose to carry this amazing work companion wherever you want!

Wireless connectivity

Connectivity HP ENVY 13-ad120nr Lightweight Laptop

The Wi-Fi slot supports standards such as 802.11.b, 802.11.n and 802.11.g, allowing users to stay connected with no interruptions. Faster downloads are a norm and the user can enjoy endless connectivity with work team and family with video calls that are simply superb with such high standard Wi-Fi support.

Unique body and make-up

The laptop has attained unprecedented sleekness in its looks with the absence of ports and reduced battery size. With weight not more than just 2.29 pounds, this lightweight but heavy duty champion is ideal work partner without any fringes.

Design HP ENVY 13-ad120nr Lightweight Laptop

No ports, thus, no chances of corrupted devices spoiling its environment! This laptop, thus, makes the work environment ultra safe and super protected! And this justifies the light weight and sleek look which, however, do not interfere with its performance capacity. So, minimalistic is the base of the design of this HP Envy Lightweight Laptop!

Ports 2 HP ENVY 13-ad120nr Lightweight Laptop

Camera and Audio

The built-in camera with wide view offers amazing support for carrying out video conferences and family chats seamlessly. You can include large number of people at a time to the chat and make the presence of each of them felt with this dynamic range camera that captures a lot, and also with the exceptional quality finesse.

You get to enjoy deeply immersive sound with built-in speakers from Bang and Olufsen that can bring amazing clarity to the conversations. Your music and video quality knows no limitations and so, this laptop makes an amazing entertainment tool, too, for those long distance travels.

Verdict – HP ENVY 13-ad120nr

A perfect work and entertainment companion that can help you have a truly portable experience with no-port design. Priced below $1000, this laptop is a design marvel that combines with it amazing functionality too.

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Specs of HP ENVY 13-ad120nr
Processor Intel Core i7-8550U (up to 4.0 GHz)
Graphics Intel UHD 620
Storage 256GB SSD
Display 13.3″ Full-HD Multi-Touch
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