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HP Chromebook x360 14 Launched With All-day Battery Life

In light of the growing popularity of the portable and flexible Chromebook, HP has come up with a premium, never-seen-before offering in this space: the HP Chromebook x360 14 which is the company’s thinnest Chromebook convertible ever. The 14” computer has a thickness of only 0.63” and a bezel of 7.5mm, creating for audiences captivating viewing experiences and effortless mobility. The new Chromebook is driven by the latest eighth-generation Intel processor and offers a battery life of 14 hours. This is ample to last you for most of your day and liberate you from the scout-for-the-power-supply. Available on official website for a price of $599, this Chromebook is rapidly enthralling users with its premium design and high-level specs.

hp chromebook x360 14

The luxurious design of the Chromebook x360 is definitely one of its high-points. A blend of metal and matte, the device boasts of abundant standout features that are sure to grab eyeballs—for instance, a metallic keyboard deck in blue coloring and featuring a 3D-stamp. The touchpad has a diamond-cut trim. Interestingly, the design is not only beautiful but also functional; all over the body is a protective coating with a ceramic-like finish that repels scratches and provides strength.

If the build is dazzling, so is the multi-edge display—a full High-Definition screen with support for touch and a resolution of 1920 x 1080. The integrated Intel UHD 620 Graphics render the imagery vivid and colorful, making multimedia experiences captivating. The two Bang & Olufsen speakers further complement this, delivering pure and undistorted sound.

Delving inside the premium, great-looking exterior, one can experience the fantastic performance of the new HP Chromebook. An eighth-generation Intel i5 (or i3) processor and 8GB RAM let you excel at day-to-day computing tasks. While the processor runs at a base 2.2GHz, it can be boosted up to 4GHz. There is 64GB of high-speed SSD storage to accommodate your data, in addition to a complimentary 100GB of cloud storage on Google (for two years). True to its quintessential capability to bring home the entire G-suite, you can easily access all your favorite apps from the Google Play Store. Facilitating support for devices and peripherals are two USB ports (Type C), one USB 3.1 port (Type A), and an SD port. There is also an HD camera for video calling with support for HP Wide Vision.

design hp chromebook x360 14

Chromebooks have always been renowned for unmatched mobility. As the thinnest of its kind yet, the HP Chromebook x360 14 takes portability up several notches. You can use this device in four unique modes depending on your needs. It has a weight of 3.7lbs which is light enough to carry around without feeling bogged down. The thickness of 0.63”, of course, makes things splendid, allowing you to fit the device into a backpack as easily as you’d slide in books or documents.

Blending glorious beauty with flexible, efficient performance is the new HP Chromebook x360 14. It exudes glamour that is certain to appeal to audiences looking for a luxurious computing device. But it also radiates the comfort and responsiveness you expect from the Chrome OS, access to the Google Play Store, and the inherent reliability of the HP family.

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