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HP Announces Acquisition of Bromium to Enhance Security in Their Devices

Technology has paved its way through our life, infiltrating its presence in every sector. But, with the boons, there is always a lingering threat to our safety while we are using any of the technological devices. Identifying such shortcomings and issues, HP recently announced that they have acquired Bromium, which specializes in advanced malware protection.

The HP Inc. announced on September 19th, 2019 announced their acquisition of Bromium which is recognized more as an end point security start-up. The main objective behind this enterprise and this application based software is to help the business mitigate the online threat against the malware that they are experiencing on a daily basis. It does so using the virtualization based security that help in keeping browser based attacks, email attachments, malicious downloads and the other forms of threats in check.

HP Elite Dragonfly with fingerprint sensor

With this latest acquisition, the HP users can expect a drastic change in the existing security solutions provided by HP in their existing and upcoming device launches. The main aim now is to perform the much needed hardware enforced application isolation along with providing the users with the much need protection against the real time threats online and via the other modes as well.

The combination of the smart technology under Bromium with collaboration with Sure Sense, Sure View and Sure Start, it is expected to provide the users with a very comprehensive protection. This has been programmed to protect the devices from some of the most advanced and sophisticated malwares till date. It is also expected to contribute to enhancing the overall industry leading firmware and BIOS security layers.

It is true that the consumers nowadays are running after customization and new technological innovations but keeping those aside, they are starting to take their privacy as security with the electronic devices quite seriously as well. Statistics suggest that 1 in 13 web requests are against malware attacks and every day, over 500k+ new malware attacks are reported and registered every single day on varying devices across the world.

Addressing the global need for better encryption and security, Andy Rhodes, GM and Global Head of Commercial Systems at HP suggested saying that security is the key competitive differentiator for HP. The brand has focused on always catering to what the users have been asking for, ensuring to push out more secured PCs and laptops day after day.

The acquisition of Bromium is a step ahead towards wiping out the risks of malwares on the internet and making the web and the technological sphere a lot more secure and safer for the users to navigate through. With this, they are also extending their investments, leadership as well as the focus on securing the end point devices that are in front of the line with respect to the cyber attacks happening around.

HP is currently using Bromium under its SureClick program and will expand its imprints in the later dates.

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