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HP 15-dy1010nr/15-dy1020nr Specs, Features and Overview

Touchscreen display laptops are on the rise now. Owing to the kind of ease they provide the user with, it isn’t surprising at all as to why this is such a popular variant in the market hp 15-dy1010nr 15-dy1020nrright now. But, even with everything, not many people have these types of laptops, all because of the high price point they come with. HP has time and time aligned their research and development based on what the customers is looking for and hence HP 15-dy1010nr/15-dy1020nr was developed.

Both of these variants come with almost identical features except for a few exceptions. If you have been planning on purchasing either one of the two, don’t worry, we are going to make a quick rundown of all the specifications that you need to be aware of.

Design and build

When it comes to HP devices, you know for a fact that the device is meant to last. Both HP 15-dy1010nr/15-dy1020nr have a similar design with the traditional HP exterior looks with the classic silver and the rounded edges on the side. These models come with an all metal body which ensures that your device lasts through a longer time and is durable enough.

design hp 15-dy1010nr

Apart from the exterior looks, the device itself is not that heavy even though it looks like it might be. That is where the trick lies. The laptop is quite lightweight and portable, thereby ensuring that you can travel with it and not have to worry about how much it is weighing you down.

The screen and display area of the device has a black border to it which further complements the overall look of the device quite well. The hinges are very sturdy, so you know for a fact that they will last you long and not snap in two.


Coming round to the display of the HP 15-dy1010nr/15-dy1020nr, they have similar configurations for the display as well. Both the devices are equipped with a standard 15.6” high definition diagonal, SVA bright view and micro-edge WLED backlit display that helps provide with crisp visuals and colors that you wouldn’t have to struggle with at all.

display design hp 15-dy1020nr

The viewing angles on this device are also quite good, so you are assured that viewing it from somewhere in the corner won’t blur out the images. The color payoff in the graphics is admirable as well.

The display comes with a screen resolution of 1366×768 pixels in both the devices which further assure the best outlook without any complaints.


Coming round to the performance of the device, both HP 15-dy1010nr/15-dy1020nr assure you with the maximum productivity without any kind of complaints whatsoever. The long lasting battery in these devices is another factor that tick off the reasons behind its effective impacts altogether.

Both the devices are powered by the latest dual core 10th Generation Intel processor  with the Turbo Boost Technology that assure to provide with the best experience in terms of performance without any kind of buffer or glitches.

The devices have been designed to promote all day productivity with powerful processors and even better connectivity options. The HP 15-dy1010nr runs on the Windows 10 Home in S mode while the HP 15-dy1020nr runs on Windows 10 Home operating system. They are also integrated with HP fast charge.


Lastly on the list of discussion with the HP 15-dy1010nr/15-dy1020nr configuration is the storage. This is the part where the devices have a slight difference to them, hence the difference in the price point as well.

The HP 15-dy1010nr is integrated with 128GB PCIe NVMe SSD along with 4GB DDR4 SDRAM while the HP 15-dy1020nr is integrated with 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD along with 8GB SDRAM for faster boot up and better responsiveness.

Final Verdict

If you are stringent on a budget and need a good quality touchscreen laptop, both the variants of HP 15-dy1010nr and HP 15-dy1020nr make up for a good option.

Buy HP 15-dy1010nr  Buy HP 15-dy1020nr

Just make sure that you do have a look through all the features and then make the final purchase based on which one you think suits your needs better.

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