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HP 15-db0010nr Cheap Laptop Review

Truly dependable for work requirements and eye-pleasing in looks, HP 15-db0010nr is the ultimate laptop you can consider buying. A bevy of exceptional features and pocket-friendly price has put this laptop in the league of the best laptops of the present times.

hp 15-db0010nr cheap laptop overview


HP 15-db0010nr defines the flawless functionality. It is fuelled with AMD Dual-Core E2-9000e processor having refresh rate of 1.5GHz up 70 2.0GHz. The laptop is made to work like a beast and does not know what stress is all about.

hp 15-db0010nr specs

The present times when multi-purpose is the way the products are expected to be, this laptop fits the scene to perfection. It allows user to work on documents, do designing part and try hands on coding too, without making any fuss. Also, the remarkable speed with which this processor performs all its tasks allow user to accomplish more within given hours of working.

Graphics Processor

HP 15-db0010nr supports seamless downloading of images and videos owing to the presence of Integrated Graphics Co processor from AMD Radeon R2. This processor stands for robustness and delivers added fluidity in images and videos that you desire to play on this laptop.

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Thus, your endeavor to create an engaging presentation full of graphics, or to enjoy music and videos in your ‘me' time can be best fulfilled with no hassles when you employ this laptop for your work and entertainment purposes.


HP 15-db0010nr has awesome display that spans 15.6-inch diagonal and is perfect output for the high quality content created these days. When there is lot done in the field of development of images and videos, it becomes natural for the laptop makers to up their game in offering perfect visual output support.

HD display and brushed keyboard hp 15-db0010nr

This laptop with the finesse of SVA BrightView technology and the power of HD has taken the excellence of display to new lever. The display is WLED-backlit type and it packs lots of pixels in its every inch, as it is resolved to 1366x768p.

Thus, the user can enjoy enhanced clarity of pictures, and a noted crispness in videos. It is eye-friendly too as there is an option to adjust the screen as per the lighting of the environment. There is HD webcam provided at the top of the screen for video calls and to send pictures, etc.

Memory and Storage

You get unwavering support of 4GB DDR4-1886 SDRAM integrated in the motherboard of HP 15-db0010nr. The presence of this memory is testament of its reliability when it comes to performing multiple tasks with added seamlessness. You can process multiple applications, download content with no waiting time and also deal with heftier applications without witnessing hang-ups or crashes. Download and process information in a jiffy – thus, you go a bit eco-friendly by consuming fewer units of power than before in downloading loads of data. So, if you need a perfect companion to sail you through the busiest hours, this laptop is something to rely upon.

HP 15-db0010nr can easily act as your storehouse of information and entertainment material as its 500GB 5400 RPM SATA hard drive allows you to collect whatever suits your requirement and taste. So, you can own an enviable collection of music, memories captured in clicks, best animation, and all required material for your office presentation.

Additionally, there is an optical drive of read and write nature provided in this laptop. Thus, you can read and write DVDs of your work, play movie DVDs or record concerts and do lot more offline.


You get advantage of better portability and truly mobile nature of working with Li-ion battery that HP 15-db0010nr comes with. With mixed use, the battery can deliver a run time of 9 hours, whereas with video playbacks, it may be restricted to 6 hours and 30 minutes. And, with wireless streaming, you can get your battery running for 5 hours and so. The battery charges up to almost half in about an hour due to high technology fast recharge.

Operating System

Another multitasking support feature that comes with HP 15-db0010nr is its operating system. Windows 10 Home, the latest from the software giant, has all the features that a multitasking expert like you needs. You can have a feature-enriched application pool that offers you ample support for documents preparation, music making, designing, etc.

Windows 10 OS hp 15-db0010nr

Also, you can plan your day better with weather and rain forecasts. There is a virtual assistant Cortana provided to save your time on searching files in your device, in finding the best route to nearby landmarks and also to remind you of important tasks so that you do not miss on anything important.


The keyboard of HP 15-db0010nr is desktop-like as it has integrated numeric pad provided in addition to the main typing input tool. The less key travel time and softness of keys add to the ergonomic value of the input device and helps you finish loads of documents without feeling any stress. You have a touch of sophistication to enjoy with touchpad that enables easy and seamless navigation and pointing.

Ports and connectivity

The HP 15-db0010nr is the laptop with added support for wired connectivity. You can find two USB 3.1 Gen1 and 1 USB 2.0 ports for adding a variety of latest generation peripherals like projectors, speakers, 1 HDMI port for adding the best quality monitor, 1 RJ 45 slot for fiber connectivity to enable faster and seamless data transfers, and one headphone/microphone combo jack.

connectivity hp 15-db0010nr

Thus, you enjoy better performance, and unprecedented ease in creating a trustworthy workstation that you need for your multitasking endeavors.


The surface near keyboard or palm rest is characterized by brushed finish. It adds considerably to the aesthetic value of the laptop. Also, the color matched hinge imparts a uniform look to the body. So, this laptop is sleek, stylish and is all looks and functionality expert.


HP 15-db0010nr is the best bet for work and play enthusiasts. The laptop is good to look at and reliable enough to carry out heavy duty jobs. It is the perfect companion to you on a busy day, and also when your travel calendar is always full and you need staying connected with work mates and family while on the move.

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