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How To Fix Surface Laptop 3 Ryzen 5/7 keeps crashing [BSOD]

If you have just bought the new Surface Laptop 3 Ryzen 5/7 and brought it home only to experience the BSOD, chances are that you are not the only one. Majority of the people who have bought the same device and similar devices from the Surface range have been experiencing this issue.

surface laptop 3 keeps crashing BSOD

In here, we are going to share a simple way that can help you recover your Surface Laptop 3 Ryzen 5/7 when it has crashed.

What is BSOD?

Blue Screen of Death, otherwise known as BSOD is a stop error. This error screen is often displayed because of the malfunctioning Windows installation or even because of the accessibility errors during the process.

This is also often regarded as the system crash wherein the operating system of the laptop has reached to a point where it can’t function safely.

This has been a very common occurrence with the Surface Laptop 3 Ryzen 5/7 and if you have been wondering how you can fix it, we have an easy process that can help,

How to fix the system crash in Surface Laptop 3 Ryzen 5/7?

Before suggesting the method of recovery, it is better than one knows why it is happening. Several of the experts and even the people who have experienced this issue stated saying that this out of the box problem is happening because of some kind of error with the Windows installation.

It is believed that the process of the Windows installation didn’t “burn” into the system the way it should have in the factory, thus resulting in the errors that the users are experiencing.

So, how to fix it?

Well, it is believed that the downloadable Recovery Image Option is the best and the safest way for the same.

  1. Wondering how to do it? Let us take a look at some of the steps.
  2. Start by visiting https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/surfacerecoveryimage

Once there, read through the first instructions mentioned

You will have to first check whether you can restore the Surface Laptop 3 into the factory mode or not. This reset option often solves the issues that you might be encountering. Before downloading the recovery image file, make sure that you try the step mentioned above. You can check more about the reset process here.

If the reset process isn’t working, downloading the recovery image is the only option left. For that, you will need an USB drive. For the Surface 3 model, you need to have a 16GB USB. That is a given that you can’t compromise because the image won’t download otherwise.

Once done, visit https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/surfacerecoveryimage

From there, scroll down to the “Select your Surface Device” option

surface recovery image

Enter the credentials as asked in the boxes there and continue to download the recovery image file.

Fix 2: Use Device Manager

If you find that even the “Download Recovery Image” option isn’t working, try below alternate solution that may fix it.

Step 1: Run (Windows + R) devmgmt.msc to open “Device Manager” or you can open it by your ways.

Step 2: Under “System Devices”, double click and open “AMD Audio Coprocessor.”

Step 3: Now, in “Power Management” tab, uncheck – “Allow the computer to turn off the device.”

Restart your PC and check if problem persists.

If yes, it is best suggested that you take it to the service centre and get a replacement or get it fixed by the professionals working there. It is always best to leave it to the experienced people with expertise if nothing works out by you.

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