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How to Fix Error 0x80010105 on Windows 10

how to fix error 0x80010105 If you are a Windows user, you must have had your fair share of technical issues to deal with on your system. Out of all the technical hardware/software issues, ‘Error 0x80010105’ has been a constant pain for several Windows 10 users for quite a long time.

So, if you too are experiencing ‘Error 0x80010105’ on your laptop, and are seeking out a resolution, check out this blog post. In this blog post, we take you through 2 segments:

  • Segment I: Deals with possible factors which lead to populating ‘Error 0x80010105’ on your system
  • Segment II: Covers 2 primary solutions you need to undertake to fix ‘Error 0x80010105’

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our first segment:

Segment I:  Factors which Populate ‘Error 0x80010105’ on Windows 10 Systems

If tech experts are to be believed, ‘Error 0x80010105’ on Windows 10 can arise due to multiple reasons. However, 2 primary reasons which lead to this issue the most include:

  • A corrupted registry editor
  • Corrupted Software or Virus/Malware Intrusion in the System

A Corrupted Registry Editor

Registry editor is an important part of every Windows OS and shouldn’t be accessed for fun. It’s a complete database that encapsulates all possible configuration settings required to ensure your OS functions properly. You must exercise caution while tweaking the registry keys as one wrong move can not only corrupt your system files but can also permanently damage your OS.

So, if you too are getting ‘Error 0x80010105’ on your Windows OS, better take the help of an expert and get your system checked thoroughly. If expert advice isn’t feasible, you can also take the help of these 12 best registry cleaners and install them on your system. These registry cleaners would then thoroughly scan your registry and repair the corrupted files instantaneously.

Corrupted Software or Virus/Malware Intrusion in the System

Owing to the digitization, we are constantly hooked onto our electronic gadgets under the excuse of working, gaming, or simply for entertainment purposes. To achieve all these pursuits, we often install multiple software and tools on our systems. However, as tech experts suggest, we must exercise caution while installing these unauthorized softwares’ on our system.

These third-party softwares’ might infiltrate our system with unwanted viruses or malware corrupting your system files and the data stored onto the hard-disk. To safeguard yourself, you must have a licensed Antivirus installed on your laptop at all times. Windows default AV, dubbed under the moniker Windows Defender offers great security. However, if you are always open to trying something new, check out this list of 2019 Best AVs for Windows OS specially designed for users like you.

Segment II: Fixing ‘Error 0x80010105’ on Your Windows 10 System

As stated above, in this segment we would take you through two possible solutions you can undertake to fix the ‘Error 0x80010105’ on your system. Let’s check out both these solutions one-by-one right here:

  • Solution 1: Updating Your System through Windows Update Utility
  • Solution 2:  Uninstalling 2 Microsoft Windows updates – KB4515871 and KB4524147

Solution 1: Updating the System through Windows Update Utility

Microsoft incorporated the Windows Update utility in its OS for a specific reason. The reason was and still is to encourage users towards keeping their systems up-to-date at all times. However, not many of us actually do so despite the process being straight-forward and easy to implement.

Keeping your system updated can also keep your data safe from unwanted malware intrusions and maintain the system performance at optimal levels. So, you must run the Update utility on periodic intervals to ensure your system remains secured and operates normally.

How to Run the Windows Update Utility?

Running the Windows Update utility on any system is fairly easy. Follow the below-listed steps in sequence to ensure the update process runs smoothly:

  1. Click on the ‘Windows’ icon on the bottom-left corner of your laptop screen OR hit the ‘Window’ key on your keyboard to activate the Start Menu.
  2. Type ‘Windows Update’ in the search box and then click on the “Check for Updates” option OR the “Open” option (on the right side) to open the main screen of the Windows Update utility.
  3. Once the Windows Utility screen opens up, hit the “Check for Updates” button to allow the utility to search for possible updates for your system.
  4. If there are any updates found, simply click the Install/Update button to start installing them on your system. However, in case you get no list of possible updates, be rest assured that your system is all up-to-date.

Solution 2: Uninstalling Windows Updates

Most software/hardware issues are often eradicated by a simple Windows Update run. However, despite updating your system, if you are still getting ‘Error 0x80010105’ on your system, it is time to perform a small task manually. What you need to do is – Delete 2 Microsoft updates namely KB4515871 and KB4524147.

Process to DELETE KB4515871 and KB4524147 Updates Manually

  1. Click on your ‘Windows’ icon on the bottom-left corner of your laptop screen
  2. In the search box, type “View Update History” (without quotes)
  3. Once the “View Your Update History” window pops up in front of you, click on “Uninstall Updates.
  4. Scroll down the screen a bit until you find the ‘Microsoft Windows Updates’ option
  5. Uninstall both KB4515871 and KB4524147 updates one-by-one without restarting your system
  6. Once both the updates have been uninstalled, reboot your system and most likely you would have fixed the persisting ‘Error 0x80010105’ for good


Are you also a Windows user? Have you ever experienced any technical issues arising on your Windows OS including ‘Error 0x80010105’? What steps did you undertake to get it removed? Do share your experience and views with us through the comments section below.

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