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How To Chat with yourself on WhatsApp

As humans we become forgetful at times and thus we need to constantly make reminders/notes to help us perform tasks or remember to save crucial information. This however comes with the hassle of using a reminders app/notes app to store them in which you would not open on a regular basis.

Instant messaging apps on the other hand are opened thousands of times a day by each individual and thus it made sense to utilize instant messaging as an archive where people would see their reminders at the forefront of their messaging apps and hence would not forget to act on them.

WhatsApp is the world’s largest instant messaging service offered by Facebook, used by millions of people across the globe on a daily basis to communicate with each other.

Even though communication is the main purpose of WhatsApp, the messaging service has developed a feature whereby users on the platform can send messages, photos, videos, links and files to themselves for later reference.

This nifty feature is called Self-Chat and its intent is to and archive important data in one central location instead of having to dig around for them in old chats.

To start using the Self-Chat feature on WhatsApp, follow the steps below:

  1. Open a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Safari on your computer or mobile phone
  2. In the address bar, type the following URL: wa.me// followed by your phone number, with the country code being specified at the beginning of the phone number when entering it in.

For example, a WhatsApp user from the United Kingdom would type: wa.me//44xxxxxxxxxx into the address bar and hit the search button.

In doing this, you are redirected to a WhatsApp Self-Chat webpage with a button labelled ‘Continue to Chat’ which will redirect the user to the self-chat when clicked.

WhatsApp Self-Chat Webpage

For users who used their mobile phones to direct them to the Self-Chat confirmation page, this will prompt you to confirm the website to open the chat in the WhatsApp application when clicking on the ‘Continue to Chat’ button.

Once the permission has been given, a new chat window opens in WhatsApp with the contact name being displayed as ‘You’ or sometimes the inputted phone number, with your display picture beside it.

Upon sending the first message on the new chat, this Self-Chat populates in your chats list and it can be accessed and used just like any other WhatsApp chat.

For users accessing this link from a computer, clicking the ‘Continue to Chat’ will take you to your own chat by either launching the WhatsApp Desktop application or by opening up a new tab for the WhatsApp Web Interface. This is dependent on how WhatsApp has been configured.

The alternative to the Self-Chat link feature entails creating a new WhatsApp group chat and adding one contact to it. Once the group is created, the contact can be removed leaving just you in the group and thus any information sent on the group will be treated as a note sent to yourself.

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