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Google Revamps Suite of Nest Cameras: New Specs, Lower Prices

A lot happens in the halls of Google, and now they can record up to three hours of it without even being charged a subscription fee.

Recently, the tech empire announced that at the end of this month they will launch a wireless version of their Nest Cam alongside an updated wireless version of their Nest Cam Doorbell. They also announced two additional camera products that should be launched by the end of the year.

To keep these duck-recorders in a row, below are the different versions/products, expected launch dates, and prices of Google’s renewed line of camera tech:





Google Nest Cam (battery)


Google Nest Cam Doorbell


Google Nest Cam (with floodlight)


Google Nest Cam (wired)

Price $179.99 $179.99 $279.99 $99.99

Launch Date


Aug 24 (available for pre-order)


Aug 24

(available for pre-order)


Available late 2021


Available late 2021


The latest cams and doorbell all come with HDR, which boosts clarity and enhances the nighttime mode. And there are new algorithms that allow the devices to analyze twice as many pixels at twice the frame rate. These algorithms also intuitively help the cameras decipher objects and can tell the difference between a person, animal, or vehicle, and send updates directly to a home-owners phone through the Google Home app. These devices have a local storage capability which allows them to store any recorded footage for up to an hour in cases of wi-fi failure.

Lastly, with the purchase of Nest devices, users are no longer forced to undertake a subscription to store footage. Every camera stores up to three hours of footage on its own, and starting at $6/month users can pay for a subscription that gets them 30 days of cloud storage and the ability to connect to 911 straight from the Google Home app. And there is yet another $12/month subscription that comes with 60 days of cloud storage, and the option to use the Nest Cam to record continuous video for up to 10 days.

Alongside these general updates and subscription services, Google has packed varying features into each one of its announced devices. Here’s what’s in store.

Google Nest Cam (battery): Features & Specs

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The most significant impact made by this new battery-powered camera is the ease of placement. Before, choosing space for security cameras was dependent on the electrical blueprint of a house or office. But with the wireless nature of the Google Nest Cam, which has a battery that is said to last up to four months. These devices can now report for duty from wherever a user desires.

The state of the battery can also be seen on the Google Home app. Here, a user can track exactly how much battery life the camera has left before it needs to be recharged.

Google Nest Cam (wired)

The main attraction to the wired version is the price tag. This is Nest’s lowest price yet for an indoor camera, and it even uses the same chip as the more expensive battery-powered version. However, this option does not come with weatherproofing—making it a strictly indoor camera.

Google Nest Cam (floodlight)

Google Nest Cam Floodlight

Intuitive motion detection is the brightest attraction of the floodlight cam. Google says they have developed a method to input images within their system to recognize any authorized dogs, caretakers, family members, or beloved riff-raff. Google also claims that this device can recognize human, animal and vehicle movement apart from other types. This means that it won’t turn on when, for example, a branch moves in front of it.

Google Nest Cam Doorbell

Google Nest Doorbell

The main development for the new Nest Doorbell is its larger field of vision. With a 4:3 aspect ratio, viewers can now see the full body of a person standing at their doorstep as well as receiving a clearer view of packages.

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Also, unlike the last doorbell, the new Nest Doorbell is battery-powered and completely wireless.

Data Security

Given the intimate nature of a device like a camera, many questions are being asked surrounding the data security of this type of camera system in conjunction with a large data aggregator like Google.

According to reviews, all footage is encrypted both in the device and on the pathway to servers. There also is an LED light that shines that shows precisely when any footage is being transferred to Google.

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