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Google Pixelbook – The High-Performance Chromebook Review

Google Pixelbook is a stylish, compact, and high-performance Chromebook introduced by non-other than internet giant Google. This Chromebook is convertible, holds high-end configuration, very neatly build and design and got superb looks. Google’s own Chrome OS powers this Chromebook. There is Google Assistant built in, which can get started by just pressing the button on the keyboard.

Google Pixelbook – The High-Performance Chromebook Review

You can use this Chromebook either as a laptop or tablet without any hassles. Its design is thin and highly compact which makes it easy to use portable device. Google Pixelbook is elegant in looks, fast in performance, tough in build and smart on design.


Google introduced Pixelbook a flagship Chromebook way back in 2013 than with some upgrades it re-introduced in 2015 and then with some more modifications in 2017. Google rated this Chromebook as high-end or premium Chrome OS Chromebook or laptop. This is a two-in-one laptop which gives you the hint of Android, but still provides you main features and design of operating system Chrome.

portability Google Pixelbook

Pixelbook is convertible Chromebook which can get 360 degrees of flip. You can fold it like a tablet, can be upheld like a tent and can be flipped over like a stand. You can use it any of the three ways as per your convenience. You can get easy access to Google play store like an Android phone and Google Assistant for any sort of help anytime and anywhere.

Google Pixelbook Design

Google Pixelbook’s design is primarily inherited from Google Pixel smartphone. You can easily notice the same texture design on the outer of this Chromebook as of smartphone. Google engineers worked hard to provide re-defined design and top-notch hardware with this Chromebook. The design of Pixelbook is attractive and solidly built.

Design Google Pixelbook

There is an aluminum frame with round edges and rubberized palm underside. On the trackpad, there is silicone padding surrounding which looks elegant. On the lid, there is glass element on metal surface. The Pixelbook is amazingly thin with just 10.3 mm (0.41 inches) of thickness and feather-light weight of just 2.4lbs (1.1 Kg). The screen size of 12.3 inches is good and two USB-C ports are the nice addition to the overall design of this Chromebook. This is four-in-one Chromebook so you can use it either like a tent, like a stand, normal tablet or simple laptop all options are easy to use and provides superb viewing angles.


Pixelbook got 12.3-inch, 3:2 touchscreen which provides the resolution of 2400 x 1600 pixels. You can watch any 4k content as real-life experience. The brightness level is good and you can comfortably work or watch videos in sunlight as well. Screen quality is excellent and the colors look vibrant on this tablet. Bezel to screen ratio is bit bold but this makes Pixelbook thinner and quite comfortable to hold.

Display Google Pixelbook Chromebook

As this tablet got various modes of usability its screen doesn’t affect with this. Whether you watch any movies in standalone mode, make any presentations on tablet mode or watch any videos on a tent-shaped tablet you can enjoy the same viewing experience in all modes.

Hardware and Performance

hardware and performance Google Pixelbook powered with 7th gen Intel Core i5 processor and supported by 8 GB of RAM. There is 128 GB of internal storage provided with this tablet. There are a wide variety of options provided with Pixelbook in which you can upgrade processor up to i7, RAM to 16 GB and HDD to 256 or 512 GB. With default hardware too, this tablet cum laptop performs excellently. There are no hiccups or break up in display or surfing on internet.


Battery life of Pixelbook received mixed reviews. Google claims that it can last up to 10 hours of standard usage, but it can last to an average 7-8 hours in various tests. But still, 7-8 hours of standard usage work is a good amount of backup provided for any tablet. In case of heavy usage also, Pixelbook charges fast in comparison of its competitors. Just 1 hour of charge will provide you approx. 7-8 hours of backup.

Additional Advantages

Pixelbook Pen is also provided with some extra cost with this tablet which is again nice experience working with it. It works like the stylus and you can select options or menus with this Pen. You can try your hands on some digital art as well. Pixelbook Pen

Google Assistant is one more advantage with this Chromebook which lets you search anything while keeping your mouth to the mic and ask anything related to your concern. This is the first Chromebook which got this feature. You can also use the Pen to highlight any required item on the screen & use Google Assistant to search that specific item with ease.


Google Pixelbook holds every required feature which is essential for the top-rated tablet plus some of the added advantages like Pixelbook Pen and Google Assistant on the go. The Dual operating system with the combination of Android and Chrome works fascinating on this tablet. Both Operating systems work very smooth, convenient and boots up in just 5 seconds isn’t amazing.

You can get a lot of Android apps from Google Play store which can be useful for students or professionals. Durable aluminum body, end covered up with silicone and stylish design is attractive and provides premium look and feel of Pixelbook. Screen size, clarity, features and Battery life is great for this tablet.

Four in one use is also a unique experience in Pixelbook. The different user can use it different ways, according to their convenience and flexibility. Studying, doing work, watching videos, making presentations or surfing the internet is not a worrying task with Pixelbook.


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