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Google Cancelled the 2023 Pixelbook as a Cost-Cutting Measure

Google will no longer release the next Pixelbook as the company has reportedly canceled the product and shut down the team responsible for the development. It was scheduled to launch sometime in 2023, and with this massive setback, the entire future of Pixelbooks comes under a huge question mark.

google cancelled 2023 pixelbook


Google Canceled The Upcoming 2023 Pixelbook – Here’s Why!

According to a report published by The Verge, the Pixelbook development shutdown was, in fact, a result of the recent cost-cutting measures, Google has recently been taking inside the company. Earlier, we also saw massive layoffs from Google and other business giants as a result of the same cost control situation. However, it would seem that the employees working on the next Pixelbook have moved on to other projects, and haven’t lost their jobs.

The low sale figures for Pixelbooks may be one of the key issues for it losing its importance in the Google hardware product line-up. Honestly, the functionality of Chrome OS is very limited, and spending a lot of money on premium Chromebooks like the Pixelbook doesn’t just make sense for most people.

Students, who are arguably the target audience for Chromebooks, prefer cheaper options and unlike Google, the other brands are focusing more on those price segments. google cancelled 2023 pixelbook

Furthermore, the hardware in Chromebooks is way behind even most mid-range Windows laptops. So, most users opt to buy a Windows laptop that has more power and can provide better features than any premium Chromebook.

Google never tried to improve Chrome OS with functionality that can rival Windows or macOS, so when users are spending the extra money, it’s only logical that they pick a laptop running on one of those operating systems instead.

Google probably saw this coming for the next Pixelbook and knew that spending further for R&D on something that’ll likely sell in very small numbers, just isn’t worth it right now, and canceled the 2023 Pixelbook altogether.

As for the future of the Pixelbook, unless Google makes some massive changes to Chrome OS, or shifts to Windows for the operating system, or finds a way to get competitive with the pricing, we are probably not going to see a new Pixelbook in a very long time, if at all.

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