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Gigabyte Aero 15 is the First Azure Powered Gaming Laptop – CES 2019

Gigabyte is all set to feature its latest laptop new Aero 15 Laptop and other innovations at CES, 2019. The innovations of this technology giant have found the much deserved mention and place at this hot spot of technological innovations. And, it deserves every bit of this recognition. The company aims at making future workplaces smarter and with its innovations, it has manages to achieve the feat to a large extent.

new gigabyte aero 15 CES 2019

Only laptop that would allocate resources smartly

New Aero 15 from Gigabyte is one of the finest innovations in laptops. It is the first in the series of AI enabled laptops. This laptop will have an AI element in the aspect of resource allocation. While the other laptops just offer a resource pool of CPU and GPU mindlessly, this laptop will go one step further and will do the job intelligently on the basis of the usage pattern observed. So, your laptop will work exactly as per your work requirements and will show close to ideal performance justifying its use for jobs.

The placement of camera will be on the hinge instead of on the bezel of the display in the New Aero 15. Thus, this will allow privacy while work as it offers better answer to the problem of camera being hacked.

This laptop will be the first Azure-powered device capable of giving the users the ultimate ease of working and managing multiple tasks.

Makers have given connectivity abilities of the laptop a priority too. There is a buzz that the laptop would be specked with ports like USB Type-C Port (may be Thunderbolt port) for faster data transfers, HDMI port for bringing in additional displays, 3.5mm audio jack, USB 3.0 port and Ethernet port for faster connectivity to the net and other devices.

The keyboard is desktop-like with a dedicated number pad. The keyboard is studded with features to make typing fast and navigation smoother. Whether the device is going to be a fully convertible solution with 360 degree rotatable hinge is yet to be confirmed by the makers.

This laptop is designed to stay more relevant in upcoming 5G era which will require changes in the connectivity pattern of the existing devices. Thus, the New Aero 15 laptop can be categorized as a future-ready product with lots of promises for the users with tech-savvy spirit.

Other innovations from Gigabyte

More speed, quicker connectivity or 5G solutions, precisely speaking, are quite likely to raise demand NVIDIA GeForce RTX logo of more effective cooling solutions. Gigabyte spokesperson has revealed that Liquid Immersion Cooled GPU Server will be introduced which will feature 16 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 cards in a 2U chassis arrangement. This ready-to-buy solution will be Next Gen Liquid Immersion Cooling System.

The company is also going to showcase a decentralized cluster storage solution developed in partnership with BigTera. There is Deep Neural Network (DNN) also developed which will be proving its utility in carrying out batch operations faster with better utilization of GPU.

So, watch out for Gigabyte space at CES, 2019 which will be the hot spot of action and is quite likely to change the way world will function in coming times.

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