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Durabook Launches Z14I Rugged Laptop

While we all have laptop preferences, when it comes to the national infrastructural work, it goes without saying that it is important to bring out the best and the most durable models and the new Durabook Z14I is the perfect rendition of that. The tech giant which is owned by the Twinhead International Corporation recently made the announcement stating the European launch of this new model.

durabook z14i rugged laptop

The Z14I has been crafted, designed and manufactured keeping the needs and the circumstanced faced by the personnel in military, critical national infrastructure as well as the ones in the public safety. The best factor about this model is the fact that it is very durable and is integrated with some of the best features that allows further expansion of the device on the fly as well.

The model is going to be first showcased at DSEI in Excel, London at the Durabook stand N8-210 from September 10th – 13th, 2019.

The Twinhead CEO Fred Kao stated in a recent statement that the bright minds from Durabook have worked with their military user based from across the world to craft this new model keeping the requirements and the criteria required in mind. This was the reason why this model has a plethora of customization capabilities. This allows the user to transform the device in any way that they please and need.

durabook z14i back

These features is what is believed to be the turning point for these devices owing to the fact that they did agree on the fact that they have enhanced the ruggedness of the laptop to sustain in some of the most difficult environments without any issues.

durabook z14i right

The one factor about the Z14I that does set it apart altogether is the expansion box it comes with which has some of the most powerful enhancement tools which can help around on some of the field based missions that these personnel indulge in. Just by connecting with two of the PCIe slots, it quickly transforms the laptop into a portable workstation for the best results.

durabook z14i left

The device is powered by the latest8th Generation Intel Core processor and ensures to get some of the toughest tasks done with ease like that of mapping, geotagging and the other tasks necessary during times of crisis and public safety.

Additionally, it also has the popular DynaVue technology along with a multi-touch display for easy progression. It is integrated with features that eliminates the issues related to internal reflections for better visual clarity and with better viewing abilities even under sunlight.

Furthermore, it has a 14” full high definition display that comes along with the coveted optimized touch technology that allows the screen functions with multiple touches like with gloves or even during rain.

The Z14I is going to start from $3,527.56 and will be available for purchase from August 2019 from some of the authorized resellers in the market.

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