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Top 5 Best Dell XPS Laptop Black Friday Deals 2022

dell xps black friday Explore the Dell XPS laptop Black Friday deals 2022 to own a veritable multimedia laptop with superb performance and features tailored to creative applications.

November 25 or Black Friday will be here sooner than you can blink, which is why it is the perfect time to start sifting through laptop deals.

Top manufacturers like Dell have already announced discounts throughout their range, and stocks tend to sell out fast. We suspect you have been eying the XPS range if you are a creative professional or multimedia hobbyist. It is a popular line-up from the laptop giant, catering to audio-visual enthusiasts without being extravagant.

Dell XPS has a lot going on: terrific performance with high-end Intel Core i7 and i9 processors, brilliant OLED displays, and contemporary designs.

This line-up has hit the sweet spot between performance and portability as its premium offerings also tend to be more compact and sleek than their competitors. The multi-core processing unit lends itself to parallel tasks – something that A/V students and professionals must master.

Moreover, you will also find that these computers prioritize heat dissipation through enhanced airflow. We love how the XPS range incorporates thoughtful additions like ergonomic keyboards and rapid-charging batteries.

The last thing you want is to fiddle with power sources and uncooperative keys when attempting to let your creativity flow freely.

Excellent Dell XPS Black Friday Laptop Deals

Dell does not skimp with discounts. Black Friday is a lucrative time for the brand, as evident in the volume of offers. We have listed the best of the best deals for you this November:

1. Dell XPS 15 at $1,999 (was $2,599)

Power is synonymous with this magnificent 15″ laptop, boasting an Intel Core i9 processor, NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti graphics, up to 64GB of RAM, and storage space upgradeable to 4TB.

Black Friday discounts let you save $600 on the list price! As it is a multimedia-focused device, you can opt for OLED or 4K+ and enjoy an engaging 92.9% screen-to-body ratio with Waves Nx 3D Audio. The most impressive aspect of this product is its battery life: 13 hours on the FHD+ model and nine on the 4K+ version.

2. Dell XPS 13 Plus at $1,349 (was $1,699)

This portable, stylish XPS laptop offers an Intel Core i7 processor, up to 32GB of RAM, 2TB of storage, and several display options. You can pick the FHD+ version if you are on a tight budget or splurge on 3.5K and UHD+.

The laptop provides many connections like Wi-Fi 6E, two Thunderbolt 4 ports, and a backlit touch function row in the keyboard. Its lightweight build and fast-charging battery make it a fantastic choice for travel-loving professionals.

3. Dell XPS 17 at $1,899.99 (was $2,249.99)

This 17″ powerhouse is expensive but has specifications that make it worthwhile. You get the efficiency of an Intel Core i7, RTX 3050 graphics, up to 64GB of RAM, and a bright UHD+ display.

Despite the high-end configuration, it is a relatively light and compact machine. It also emphasizes security and heat dissipation – both crucial for intense A/V applications.

4. Dell XPS 13 Laptop at $1,199 (was $1,499)

You can lay your hands on this 13.4″ XPS computer at $300 less than the list price, thanks to Black Friday awesomeness. It uses integrated Iris graphics but succeeds at speed with an Intel Core i7, up to 32GB of RAM, and 1TB of memory.

The FHD+ monitor dazzles with 500 nits of brightness. Creative professionals will appreciate the multiple connectivity options like Wi-Fi 6E, Thunderbolt 4, and Bluetooth. This ultra-portable laptop is sleek, stylish, and sustainable – what else can one ask?

5. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 at $1,199 (was $1,449)

Dell XPS machines work particularly well for multimedia lovers. They pack so much into their modern forms: superior audio, dependable build materials, and screens with awe-inspiring colors and brightness.

The range of ports and connections, including an SD card slot in several offerings, is another plus in its favor.

Designers, editors, photographers, etc., frequently need to collaborate, and you want a laptop that inherently understands this. Long story short: Unless you want an out-and-out gamer or a desktop-replacement workstation, you will probably find an XPS meets most of your requirements.

Thanks to Black Friday deals, you can now acquire a Dell XPS for a little over $1000. The variety of screen sizes and the customization options for RAM and storage let you adapt your new computing partner closely to your needs.

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