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Dell XPS 15 9500, XPS 17 9700, and 2020 Precision Designs Leaked

Dell XPS is one of the most sought after series of Dell. With so many amazing variants it has come out with, the Dell XPS 15 9500, XPS 17 9700 were two of the most anticipated models of 2020. A few leaked images of these new XPS models along with the 2020 Precision mobile workstation were released on the official site of Dell but was later taken down.

The image does confirm the kind of redesign that the users have been anticipating in the successor models of the Dell XPS series. The combination of the 16:10 display, thunderbolt-3 port selection, larger trackpad and obviously, the thinner bezels are some of the striking changes that you are likely going to witness.

Dell XPS 15 9500 and Dell XPS 17 9700

The indication of the new 16:10 3840×2400 configurations of the display is what the majority of the anticipated users have been looking into. This is the primary and long awaited redesign that is going to change the course of the user interface for the better.

The leaked image that is available around was first spotted by u/WesolyKubeczek on Reddit available on the Dell Precision laptops product page. Even though the image is available anymore, it has been confirmed that the same was leaked by the official page of Dell and not a random mockup.

In the available image, the top two models are what the users believe are the Dell XPS 15 9500 and XPS 17 9700 while the rest indicate the 2020 Precision mobile work station.

dell xps 15 9500, xps 17 9700, and 2020 precision designs leaked

On closer look, it has been confirmed that the display has been changed to 16:10 with the bottom chin reduced significantly to accommodate the ratio better with the all around narrow bezels. Apart from that, the two other changes that the users noticed was the larger trackpad with the upper firing speakers.

These speakers have interrupted the carbon fiber design and majority of the same is localized around the trackpad itself. The left and right arrow keys are also bigger than what Dell normally offers.

Both the devices don’t have the USB Type-A ports in the design and all the four ports are Thunderbolt 3 design. Aside from that, Dell does take care of the user experience and supplies with the USB-Type C adapter, so you don’t have to go out of your way to buy one.

Aside from the new XPS models, the 2020 Precision mobile workstation again is something that needs to be talked about. The ventilation grills on these ones come on the left side and consists of just one Thunderbolt Type-C port.

Since the images didn’t contain any shots of the backside of the models, further details on the ports can’t be known yet. But, the experts believe that the device will consist of an HDMI port, mini Displayport, and the Ethernet ports as well.

The official announcement and the launch is expected to be done in the coming few weeks, so you wouldn’t have to wait it out for a long time.

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