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Dell Technologies Introduce New Range of Laptops for Reimagines Productivity

dell latitude 7520 9420 5320 family Dell Technologies has recently unveiled a range of new laptops for enhanced work productivity and performance unlike anything else. The new portfolio of devices include some of the best laptops that are built on the basis of intelligent, collaborative and sustainable devices for enhanced flexibility at work.

Ed Ward, senior vice president, Client Product Group, Dell Technologies pointed out that with people’s evolving expectations with the technology, Dell has posed themselves as a leading brand with evolving functions and features.

The new range of laptops released recently are meant to make work smarter and ensure easier collaboration to enable people deliver their absolute best.

Adding onto Ward’s statement, Bob O’Donnell, president and chief analyst, TECHnalysis Research further said that the PC industry has now roughed up with their production up to 300 million units in the past six years. With the latest trends and changes, the most important impact is going to come around to the user experience. The consumers are looking for devices that make their work easier and ensure seamless collaboration. Moreover, the consumers are also looking for devices that are secure and will provide with the encryption that they need.

The five new laptop launches that Dell announced include Latitude 9420, 9520, 7520, 5420 and Precision 3560.

Latitude 9420

The Latitude 9420 is currently standing out as the best collaborative business PC with some of the best connectivity options. It is also integrated with a built-in speakerphone and further camera enhancements that make your video calls look professional and top notch with light adjustments and typical blur to wash out the background.

new dell latitude 9420
Dell Latitude 9420

It is also the world’s first device integrated with the Intel Visual Sensing Technology that offer auto-wake and lock feature. The device is also integrated with faster wireless connections including 5G LTE and Wi-Fi 6E. Pair that with the latest 11th Gen. Intel core processors and we have a winner around here. The device is also part of the Intel Evo platform that assures improved performance and optimization unlike anything else.

Latitude 7520

new dell latitude 7520
Dell Latitude 7520

Coming round to the next launch, we have the Latitude 7520. Aside from the basic and latest features, the device is also equipped with a 15-inch screen along with the 4K UHD display with FHD camera for crisp pictures unlike anything else around.

Latitude 9520

Next on the set of launches, we have the much-awaited combination of Latitude 9520 and 9420. Both the devices are integrated with safe shutter, which is the world’s very first automatic webcam shutter. This helps sync your video conferencing applications for seamless performance with heightened security.

It also comes paired with secured mic and mute keys options that enables you to work effortlessly without any further hassle.

Precision 3560

Coming round to the last option in the list, we have Precision 3560. The devices are made to improve sustainability with the use of bioplastic derived from tree waste for the design of the device. With Dell’s moonshot goal, the brand is consistently looking around to producing devices that are made out of recycled and renewed materials.

Pricing and Availability

The Latitude 9420 is going to be available at a starting price of $1,949.00 from spring 2021.

The Latitude 9520’s pricing and availability will be announced in spring 2021.

The Latitude 7520 is going to be available for $1,649.00 from January 12, 2021.

The Latitude 5420 is going to be available for $1,049.00 from January 12, 2021.

The Precision 3560 is going to be available for $1,189.00 from January 12, 2021.

Source: Dell Technologies

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