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Dell Launches ‘Concept Luna’ as a step towards Sustainable PC design

dell concept luna

Dell has been a key leader in the tech market, creating and developing great products that address the common societal challenges faced by their consumers. However, with the growing technological needs of the consumers come a great deal of threat to the climate crisis, resource constraints and heightened production of e-waste in the world.

dell concept luna

While brainstorming for their upcoming projects, Dell developers sat down and thought, “What if we could push reuse to the limit and dramatically reduce the carbon footprint of our products?”

Dell is consistently working towards creating a positive environmental impact that has been spanning over a decade now. Their two primary objective with their production is to accelerate the circular economy and contribute net zero greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. These are the crucial missions that can’t be delayed any further.

dell concept luna materials

In order to achieve these objectives, being mindful of the product design is crucial. Just in the last year, Dell introduced their revolutionary closed-loop aluminum using the used hard drives, recycles bioplastics derived from tree waste and even used carbon fiber over 1.2 million pounds. However, although quite a good initiative, tech brands like Dell need to move faster with their objectives.

It was last year that Dell hinted on their parallel innovation workstream to further accelerate the circular design and Concept Luna is the first prototype in that project.

Under Concept Luna, Dell explores a range of revolutionary design ideas that contribute to sustainability, focus on recycling and the concept of reusability. The project was streamlined and introduced to assess what could be possible, manufactured and later sold. With the Concept Luna designs, Dell theorized that they could reduce the product carbon footprint by 50%.

Following are the reasons Dell is excited about the launch of Concept Luna:

  • The first and likely the most crucial part of this project is the reduction in carbon footprint and enhanced energy efficiency. They are working towards creating a decarbonized device that caters to the technological innovations without harming the planet.
  • The motherboards features 75% shrinkage to their staple and original design, measuring smaller than 5,580 mm2, reducing the carbon footprint by 50%.
  • Reconsidered layout of the internal components of the laptops for optimal exposure to the cooler air outside for heightened thermal solutions. This leads to enhanced heat distribution and reduces the need for an additional fan inside the system.
  • Reduced overall power needs in the system, requiring smaller battery with deep-cycle cells that render optimum power.
  • Reconstructed aluminum chassis using hydropower with the inclusion of stamped aluminum construction that produces less scrap and e-waste.
  • The concept of reuse, repair and recycle is what charges Concept Luna forward. It showcases a vision of what could be possible with a little more care and research.
  • The reduced number of screws in the devices will make accessing the internal components easier and quicker, reducing the repair time to 1.5 hours.
  • The palmrest assembling is design to support easy repair and resolving. Even the keyboard components are designed to support future reuse.
  • The deep-cycle battery in the device supports longer battery life, reducing the need to charge the battery every few hours, thereby enhancing the overall power efficiency.
  • Integrated bio-based printed circuit board is integrated with a flax fiber and water-soluble polymer to keep and hold everything together in place. Also, the water-soluble polymer dissolves, contributing to better reuse and recycling in the future.

The introduction of Concept Luna was a need of the hour. This is a breakthrough by Dell to introduce more ways of sustainable development of products without negatively harming the environment more than we have. These innovative sustainable design ideas will further scale the product portfolio of the brand and transform the future of the world and electronics industry.

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