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Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop Review

Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS laptop makes perfect choice for work enthusiasts looking for sleek solutions to upgrade to from the desktop. This laptop is all things stylish and has laid great focus on functionality too. With this laptop around, you can enjoy endless hours of work, fun and play – anywhere, anytime.

Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop Review

Processor oozing productivity

Productivity of the laptop is unmatchable and why it shouldn’t be! The intelligence and sturdiness of 8th Gen Intel Core i5-8250U processor empowers this laptop with amazing working capacity. The refresh rate of 3.4GHz and 6MB Cache delivers seamless execution of heavy duty job with this device showing no sign of being stressed out.

Performance Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop

It simply boots fast, allows multiple application processing and gets more done in a normal work cycle.

Ample storage packed in sleek device

Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop shows its speedster side owing to 8GB RAM having refresh rate of 2400MHz and DDR4 excellence that allows you experimenting with multiple ideas and bring them to shape too. The fast speed RAM powered with SATA allows user to experience added seamlessness while downloading, streaming, video playbacks and game plays making it a true multi-tasking pro. You can also ask for additional memory up to 16 GB if required. Intel Optane memory offers you added ease of reaching the content without wasting time in waiting.

There is additional hard disk drive amounting to 1TB with 5400 RPM also provided for faster downloads and quick storing making it easy for carry movies, presentations, etc when you want to use that boring travel time in doing something exciting.

The tray load style DVD drive also offers you the secondary storage solution. So, run and write DVDs of all types and put your collection to use with this drive. It can help you save the phenomenal artworks and business presentations for archiving purpose too.

Bring graphics to life with High quality Graphics Processor

Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop is a graphics specialist empowered with Intel UHD 620 integrated card that creates a cinematic presentation on screen. You can find finest quality pictures and videos in livid quality defining what fluidity means. The fast and seamless video playbacks and game plays make it a true entertainer that offers you unmatchable fun right at your lap.

Display with cinematic feel

The ultimate visual output support comes in the form of 17.3” HD screen resolved to 1600x900p. You Display Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS can enjoy anywhere working with its anti-glare feature that makes it easy to use it in differently illuminated surroundings.

The LED quality display with wide gamut of colors splashed across offer vibrant pictures for the user to savor with no strain on eyes. A cinematic experience awaits you on this laptop screen whose display style you can adjust according to the content.

Operating System for multitasking expert

Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop has another multitasking support feature to offer to the user with its Windows 10 operating system. You can bring all your ideas into reality and do more of actual work while assigning mundane tasks to Cortana, the voice recognition based virtual assistant. So, you give commands to Cortana to search files for you, provide directions for locations etc while you concentrate on the actual job. The ease to execute multiple applications provided in truly enriched menu allows you to multitask like a pro.

Connectivity features for wholesome work space

This Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop takes connectivity to another level. Apart from ports and connector slots, there is additional Dell Mobile Connect support provided to enable pairing this laptop with Android smartphones or iOS enabled phones. Thus, you can get notifications from phone regarding calls etc on your work table, allowing you to stay connected as per your need and desire.

Connectivity Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS

Mobile Connect offers point-to-point integration of mobile phone with laptop eliminating the insecure connections to internet from your communications. Also, you get better control over communications with flexibility to call back when possible if you are deeply immersed in work.

It is provided with multiple ports like USB 2.0, 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 Type-A slots, HDMI port, SD card reader 3-in-1 type, security cable slot, optical drive tray slots, and audio jack. Thus, you can bring on board multiple peripherals to extract its best use and have a wholesome work station at your disposal.

There is Wi-Fi connectivity point too to get the laptop linked with web world fast and uninterrupted.

Keyboard for easy input

The keyboard defines flexibility and sustenance. Even the million strokes will not take away the agility from this input support. The ergonomic nature supports your workload and allows you to do more without feeling crushed by it.

Keyboard Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS

There is finger print reader and Hello recognition system provided for easy logins and provides added layer of security to

Durable and Sleek Body

This Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop is designed for real and practical work conditions. The body is tested for surviving high temperatures for short durations.

Durable and sleek body Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS

The hinges and flap are made to go through rigorous tests of shutting down thousands of times to ensure that its flexibility is not lost with time. Thus, durability is the key benefit that comes with its structure.

Long lasting battery

The laptop seems to be available to you almost all through the day as the battery life is highly appreciable. The battery used in it is conforming to industry standard MobileMark 2014. Thus, this laptop offers exceptional portability and mobility to help you carry your work with you wherever you go.


The Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS Laptop is a truly countable solution for your work needs. You can be a designer, a novelist or a YouTuber – it fits your work style perfectly. With world class, innovative features and ample back up options, you never would require parting with your portfolio or business presentation material as it stores all for you as long as you desire.

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Specs of Dell Inspiron 17 i5770-5463SLV-PUS
Processor Intel Core i5-8250U quad-core (up to 3.4 GHz)
Graphics Intel UHD 620
Storage 1TB HDD
Display 17.3″ HD+

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