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Dell Expands Inspiron Portfolio with Smart Features and Technologies

It is not a question that our laptops and devices are more than just a piece of technology. They have evolved to become a quintessential part of our lives, influencing our freedom of expression and communication.

With all the new launches that have been happening around, it wasn’t surprising when Dell pulled out their best move with the launch of new devices in their Inspiron series. From redesigned look to the latest PC innovations, Dell has managed to integrate every last breakthrough that you likely need to adapt to the concept of remote working or blend in well with the on-the-go lifestyle.

dell new inspiron family

The new devices in the Inspiron Portfolio bring about the looks of minimalism and modern designs with new elemental colors that are all inspired by the beauty and subtleness of nature and have been developed to complement the way you live.

The constant evolution of the devices in the Inspiron series have showcased how Dell has time and time prioritized innovation over anything else. This means that the Inspiron devices available now aren’t the ones that your parents grew up witnessing.

All the new devices in the Inspiron lineup now are designed with low volatile organic compound (VOC) waterborne paint. Even the packaging of the devices are 100% recyclable and the rest of the parts are made with 90% recyclable materials.

new redesined dell inspiron laptops 2021

Not just the eco-friendly construction, the latest devices in the Inspiron series further include enhanced features and functions of the device, including borderless design, expansive keyboard, spacious touchpad and larger keycaps to name a few.

Following are the few new devices that Dell has introduced to their coveted Inspiron series.

Inspiron 13, 14 & 15

The first range includes the device with three different display options to choose from. Every Inspiron device in this range between 13-inch to 15-inch display options with easy to use technology that further makes your life simple and your work a lot more streamlined.

The devices in this first setup come with adaptive thermals that better manage the power consumption and help keep your PC running optimally without any hitch. The lid-open sensor with the optional fingerprint reader enables you to switch on your device securely without any external intrusion.

The Express charge function seamlessly recharges your battery up to 80% in an hour, allowing you to work from anywhere without any interruptions.

Inspiron 16 Plus

Ideal for the content creators and editors looking for a large display size, the Inspiron 16 Plus offers an expansive viewing experience like nothing you’d normally expect. The device is integrated with a 16-inch display with 16:10 aspect ratio, offering 11% improved screen to body ratio than its predecessors.

Also, the combination of the Intel Core H-series processors with the optional NVIDIA RTX GPU ensures dynamic performance and robust thermal management for unmatched productivity.

The combination of the ComfortView Plus display with the 3K resolution panel keeps your vision in check and reduces the risks of blue-light emission without altering the vibrancy of the colors from the display.

Inspiron 14 2-in-1

Not just the standard flip laptops, the new lineup from the Inspiron series includes a convertible device too. The Inspiron 14 2-in-1 has been designed to offer maximum versatility, enabling you to work from anywhere that you feel comfortable.

The device is equipped with a 14” HD touch display and can be converted into four different user modes including tent, stand, laptop and tablet.

Despite the choice of the new devices, all the devices in the new Inspiron lineup will either be equipped with the latest 11th Gen Intel Core or AMD Ryzen 5000 U-Series Mobile Processors for superior graphics and unmatched productivity and entertainment like nothing you could have ever expected.

The pricing and availability of these new devices haven’t been disclosed yet.

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