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Dell Chromebook 3180 Education Review and Configurations

Dell Chromebook 3180 Education series laptops are provided with sturdy processor that can handle the school work of an entire day with no hassles. These laptops come studded with Chrome OS and have all Google cloud applications to help children have all learning tools at one place.

Dell Chromebook 3180 Education Review

These laptops are available in four configurations to suit the sophistication needs and the budget of the buyers. Let’s take a look at how all these variants are different.

Dell Chromebook 3180 11 inch, Intel Celeron Processor, 2GB memory, 16GB eMMC storage

Priced at $218.99, this laptop is the cheapest of all four configurations. It comes with Intel Celeron N3060 Processor that is sufficient for daily tasks of school. The presence of Google Sheets, Docs, Slides etc offer commendable assignment preparation tools. Chrome OS is optimized for seamless internet access and offers convenience of faster downloading of web pages to ease the research work.

The internal memory of this laptop is restricted to 2 GB which is supported externally with 16GB of storage for offering faster downloading, quick processing of applications and high quality downloads with less power consumption. The presence of Google cloud applications eliminates the need for huge memory and storage space.

Performance Dell Chromebook 3180 Education

Spill-proof keyboard with rubberized edges and fast travel keys of the keyboard offer reliable input tool for the curious learners who want to get all ideas penned down as soon as possible. Thus, fast working is made comfortably possible with fast typing support in this laptop.

The screen in Non-touch HDF measuring about 11.6” in total and is LCD type. The hinges are foldable at 180 degrees making it possible for the user to share the stuff better with peers and make content easy to understand with easy pointing.

A variety of ports like 1 Combo headphone/microphone jack, 1 HDMI full size, 2 Gen1 USB 3.1 and 1 USD Card Reader offer added ease of connectivity and helps user extract the best from the laptop.

The batter life of about 10 hours is sufficiently good for enabling cable-free working without bothering about frequent charging.

Dell Chromebook 3180, 11.6”, Intel Celeron Processor, 4GB RAM, 16GB eMMC storage

This configuration is double the fun and is double in the capacity of the 2GB variant. The processor is Intel Celeron 3060 and is quite capable of handling a typical school day load. The memory is 4GB allowing user to multitask without fearing of hanging up of the device. The processing is quicker enough to beat the rivals and have pages run smoothly for a seamless research required for completing projects.

The storage space is expanded to 16GB and is eMMC i.e. embedded multi-media card type and allows lot of content to be stored in flash memory. This explains the high speed processing of applications and it is well-designed for internet access that is a common tool to make research happen in the modern times.

Display and keyboard Dell Chromebook 3180 Education

The keyboard is spill-proof, has soft keys that enable faster typing and never strains the users’ fingers or shoulders. The rubberized edges add to the protective streak that this laptop has towards young learners.

Screen is as small as 11.6” offering a close to tablet experience to the learners working on it. Ports like full HDMI port, Gen 1 USB 3.0 and USD card reader etc are capable of offering better use of this device. 10 hour battery time can help doing all the work in truly cable-free manner. This configuration costs $239.

Dell Chromebook 11 3810 Education, Intel Celeron 3060, 4GB memory, 32GB eMMC storage

Priced at $259, this version comes with more memory and space almost double of the second version. Powered with Intel Celeron 3060 processor, you can expect it to work brilliantly for your school projects. The laptop is provided with ports like USB 3.0 Gen1, HDMI port for attaching additional HD monitor 14” in size, and USD card reader. So, the multitasking support provided by the processor can be enjoyed thoroughly with bringing new devices on the board.

This 4GB version of Dell Chromebook 11 3810 Education series laptops comes with huge storage space of 32GB of solid state hard drive type. Thus, you get to store a lot of content for later use and make your project as happening as you desire it to be. This laptop works quite faster in terms of processing applications and offers advantages of cloud applications for storing more data without stressing the device.

Ports Dell Chromebook 3180 Education

Its ports are same as other configurations and can allow adding an HD monitor or connect to other USB 3.0 Gen1 compatible devices for making the best use of this laptop. The display is 11.6” and is LCD type.

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The laptop has spill-resistant keyboard, hinges foldable at 180 degrees for easy sharing of content and rubberized sides to offer safety to the little users. This 32 GB configuration is perfect fit for school environments and can work without charging for 10 hours.

Dell Chromebook 3180 Education, Intel Celeron 3060, 4GB RAM, 16GB storage, display with touch feature

Though storage is again 16GB in this Dell Chrome 3180 laptop, but the display is provided with touch feature. This display is quite supportive of team work and offers added flexibility to the users who want to design and draw, too, on this laptop. LCD type display is eye-friendly and splashes vibrant colors brilliantly.

The power of Intel Celeron makes this laptop suitable for a typical school day load and allows faster working of applications in minimal time.

Design Dell Chromebook 3180 Education

4GB RAM and 16GB storage space is sufficient for carrying all practice and presentation sessions with you. The user can store more than any schoolbag can carry.

Its keyboard comes with spill-proof feature and offers excellent support for fast typing and seamless navigation comes in the form of touchpad that takes user convenience to another level. Ports like Gen 1 USB 2.0, HDMI port can help connect additional devices like monitors and other peripherals to make this laptop great to work with.

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To conclude,

Conclusion Dell Chromebook 3180 Education

All configurations of Dell Chromebook 3180 series laptops are designed to excellence for supporting school studies perfectly. Depending upon the level of sophistication desired and storage space needed, you can select from these options. Budget is also another selection criterion worth taking into account.

Specs of Dell Chromebook 3180 Education
Processor Intel Celeron N3060
RAM Up to 4GB
Storage Up to 32GB eMMC
Display 11.6-inch HD/HDF Touch/Non-Touch

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