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Dell Alienware Launches Brand New X-Series Gaming Laptops

Dell has time and time stood out with their amazing devices and launches, so it was about time they released some new gaming laptops. The brand has finally come out with the Alienware X-series with two new mobile gaming laptops, including the Alienware x15 & x17.

alienware x15 x17 gaming laptops

Both the devices have been developed to exemplify bold innovation, superior performance and premium quality and design without delays and lags.

The launch of the new X-series gaming laptops features the thinnest and portable design with a 15” and 17” display for smoother and seamless user experience. The devices are developed using system-level engineering that enables you to enjoy graphics-intensive games with confidence.

Moreover, the laptops are further integrated with framerate-splitting displays and Legend 2.0 design features as well. Dell, with their new X-series wanted to introduce a gaming laptop series that redefines the overall mobile gaming experience with enhanced status quo.

Redefined thermal design

With gaming laptops, the first and likely the most common enemy that everyone wants to fight is the risks of overheating. Listening to their customer’s needs of improving the thermal design and functions of the device, Dell has now come out with an improved function in their X-series gaming laptops.

dell alienware x17 thermal technologies

The gaming laptops are integrated with Dell’s latest patented intervention, the Alienware Cryo Tech cooling technology with Element 31 that is concocted with Encapsulated Gallium-Silicone liquid metal compound. The liquid compound is available between the CPU and the accessory space to disperse excess heat and balance the core temperature of the devices.

The X-Series comes with 25% improved thermal resistance with patent-pending innovations for seamless and smoother performance.

Also, the gaming laptops are backed with the unique HyperEfficient Voltage Regulation that supports longer hours of gameplay and improved performance. The quad fan design in the laptops gets rid of internal hotspots and keeps the surface temperature cool enough for tackling all the gaming needs.

The X-series gaming laptops are also backed with the Smart Fan control technology that leverages AI to optimize the device’s performance and reduces the risks of slow downs and remain steady along the way.

New Designs and Heightened Performance

The first look at the Alienware x15 & x17 will make you realize that the devices feature a lot of new elements to the design. The laptops are equipped with the Dark Core design in the ultra-thin chassis that are integrated in both the laptops.

dell alienware x15 x17

The continuous loop of the bold and mesmerizing design of the devices with the stadium lighting feature smoother contours and gentle angles for enhanced purity of the device. Not just the external designs, the device is integrated with latest thermal designs to contribute to elevated performance as well.

The X-series notebooks come with vents at the top and base of the device to boost the overall thermal performance like no other.

The x15 measures 15.9 mm in thickness while the x17 measures 20.9 mm, making them highly portable and superior devices to travel with and work on the go.

Customization All Around

The new devices in the X-series offer a range of customizable features, integrated with high-performing technologies that elevates your overall performance to next levels.

dell alienware x15 lifestyle

Both the x15 and x17 are powered by the latest 11th Gen. Intel Core H-series mobile processors along with RTX 30 GPUs for maximum graphics power.

The devices are backed with Thermal Control Circuit offset (TCC offset) that tackle the CPU core temperature to prevent risks of delayed performance without going off range. The X-series laptops come with five different Tailored Power States options for the user to choose from.

The mobile gaming laptops from Alienware X-series are designed with the latest Cherry MX Keyboard with 3.5 mm ultra-low profile for enhanced typing experience. Also, pair that with the German stainless steel mechanical components and you have yourself the best tactile typing experience.

The DirectX raytracing function supports up to FHD 360Hz display panel with 4K UHD HDR400 as well for stunning and crisp visual experience. Also, the display is backed with low blue light technology to protect your vision.

dell alienware m15 x15 x17

The Alienware 240W portable adapter is lightweight and compact, enabling you to make the most out of the gaming experience.

Also, Dell’s contribution to sustainability ensures that the laptop comes in a packaging that is made with 92% recycled materials.

Pricing and Availability

The Alienware x15 and x17 are going to be available at a starting price of starting at $1,999 and $2,099 respectively from June 15, 2021.

You can find them on and BestBuy outlets with limited configuration options.

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