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Cyrptominers Likely to Cause a Shortage of RTX 3000 Laptops in China for Mining Ethereum [Video]

With the recent rise in the amount of Ethereum in the past few months, cryptominers have now take to mining them at a higher rate using the RTX 3000 laptops in China.

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The rate of Ethereum has spiked rapidly in the past three months, even tripling. This has posed as a chance for the cryptominers in China to find buying new RTX 3000 laptops for mining these highly valuable cryptocurrency.

On a popular Chinese social media platform, Weibo, user BTCer posted several pictures showing rows of RTX 3000 laptops working and grinding together to mine Ethereum for enhanced profits.

The sudden peak in popularity came around in November, with the price of this cryptocurrency jumping the guns and tripling in valuation. But, paired that with the limited availability of the new RTX 3000 laptops, there are likely going to be shortage of these devices in the present and future.

Devices like the Gigabyte Aero 17 (2021) or the Alienware m17 (2021) will experience a rapid decline in availability, especially in China. While there haven’t been any report of the shortages just yet, the reduced manufacturing with the rising demand is surely going to create that issue pretty soon.

The report about the same was reported ahead of time in Videocardz, when the researchers found that the devices equipped with the RTX 3060 GPU had higher processing power to enable seamless mining operation.

Several content creators have also explained the process involved in mining Ethereum using these RTX 3000 laptops, all while sitting in a café, enjoying their cup of coffee. So, it suggests that learning how to mine this altcoin is not rocket science and anyone can pick it up if they follow the instructions carefully.

Ethereum’s valuation is increasing at a very rapid pace. While this altcoin was priced at $600 back in December, 2020, the rates have now increased to $1700 mark in the current market, which is almost triple in amount.

But, seeing thousands of gaming laptops hooked for just mining Ethereum is going to spark anger in the gamers, especially for the ones who have been looking forward to using these devices to enjoy the latest video games. However, the potent shortage in the future might end up making that impossible.

Some OEMs like HP and Dell have decided to move their laptop production away from China, especially following this sudden cryptocurrency mining. So, there are chances that the availability of their devices featuring the RTX 3000 might not be hampered very drastically.

Another alternative that several cryptominers are looking into is the option to opt for the RTX 3070 desktop card. It is easier to do in countries like China, where majority of the NVIDIA’s partners are based out of. It is best advisable to buy these cards from the factory in bulk, instead of being reliant on the expensive RTX 3000 laptops.

The experts are pretty confident that the shortage of the RTX 3000 laptops due to Ethereum mining won’t go outside China. But, if there are persistent shortages of these devices, the prices of these high-end gaming devices will soar through. The same is also heavily dependent on the rising prices of Ethereum and other types of cryptocurrencies available in the market.

Source: BTCer, VideoCardz

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