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CHUWI LapBook SE Review – Comes With Borderless Keyboard

CHUWI LapBook SE is wafer-thin, lightning fast and super stylish device that is characterized by borderless keyboard and beautiful screen. Measuring only 13.3in in thickness, it offers easy work support; you have actually backpacked your office when you carry with you this amazing laptop from CHUWI.

chuwi lapbook se review


This new generation laptop is fuelled with next generation Intel Gemini Lake processor having refresh rate of 2.4GHz. Thus, this laptop can do loads of work faster and maintains its cool too. This dependable speedster supports heavy duty graphics processing, designing and coding and lot more and is ideal companion to the people coming from various walks of life.

chuwi lapbook se performance

Also, there is added swiftness in running content of all kinds whether textual, or visual – and so, you get to enjoy higher quality user experience with CHUWI Lapbook SE laptop around.

RAM and Storage

This ultra sleek CHUWI Lapbook SE is characterized by high speed RAM amounting to 4GB. Equipped with DDR4 technology, user can experience distinct improvement in two major areas – better data transfer speed and low power consumption while downloading.


There is about 25% increase in the downloading speed, and so, one can stream content without interruption and also have all required information and completed work saved faster than ever for later use.

The users also get 160G SSD with eMMC that enables faster reading/writing of data. So, a pro multi-tasking pro in you will surely find a dependable support in CHUWI Lapbook SE that allows you to write documents, do designing, download applications and do lot more in minimal time.


The display of CHUWI Lapbook SE is truly terrific. It looks wafer thin with 13.3 inch screen and IPS technology plus full lamination offer exceptional experience to the viewer. The brightness of the display is adjustable and there are additional display modes provided to choose from.

display chuwi lapbook se

Thus, you can make the display work according to the content you choose to run on it. Further, the screen is resolved to 1920x1080p that brings added clarity to the images and other visual contents run on it.

Input Devices

There are two input devices provided to punch in data into the laptop. One is keyboard and the other is touchpad. While keyboard is designed to support fast typing and is truly ergonomic for users who work for long hours. The keyboard is eye-catching in its looks as it has negligible border, which is why, it has earned the title of borderless keyboard. This unique feature looks ultra stylish when the laptop is opened for working.

chuwi lapbook se comes with borderless keyboard

The convenience reaches another level with sophisticated touchpad that replaces mouse as navigating and pointing device much better way, giving a complete wire-free experience to the user.

Wireless connectivity and ports

There is dual Wi-Fi AC port delivering 2.4G/5G data transfer speed allowing users to stream and download content with no interruption. Download volumes of data, enjoy cloud technology to the fullest and have less power consumed per unit of data downloaded. Thus, you can connect to the internet, talk constantly and also enjoy favorite videos and music running on CHUWI Lapbook SE, which is close to live experience.

wifi chuwi lapbook se

While retaining its wireless excellence, the users can continue to enjoy better performance of wired connections too with the help of selective ports. Connecting points such as 2 USB 3.0 ports, TF card slot, HDMI port, DC charging point and slot for headphones help users bring on board a variety of peripherals that users might need to achieve a remarkable usage experience.

ports chuwi lapbook se

So, slip into your private den with peripherals connected to the laptop and get the best from this laptop that has functionality packed in a sleek body.

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Graphics processor

CHUWI Lapbook SE has achieved new heights in crispness of graphics. The 9th Gen graphics are powered further with 700MHz refresh rate, making imagery stand out in details and eye-friendliness.

graphics chuwi lapbook se

The visual output is rendered exceptionally brilliantly with Directx12 rendering. The power of 4K coding and rich vibrant imagery adds to the liveliness of the output running on the display.


CHUWI Lapbook SE has four speakers positioned at the bottom of the keyboard. There are sensitive microphones also embedded in the body to allow giving clear commands through voice chats or to virtual support Cortana. Surround sound immerses you exceptionally with its deep tone and crisp bass and transports you to the very core of the content and helps you enjoy it truly. You also can connect with the members at work and with friends and family with added clarity due to crisp audio.


The battery has capacity of 33.7Wh and has Li-polymer as its core material that allows charge to run faster than other materials. Thus, the battery can be charged faster and the charge is retained for longer time, too, making it possible to stay off the hook for several hours throughout the day.

chuwi lapbook se battery life

About 8 hours of running time is expected if the user employs discretion in use and runs applications wisely to extract the best output off the battery.

Operating System

CHUWI Lapbook SE offers you exceptional convenience of Windows 10 home operating system. The laptop comes pre-installed with this latest operating system and offers the users best functional support for taking on various applications simultaneously. Routine jobs like searching files, finding traffic conditions, searching nearby landmarks etc can be done using virtual support Cortana.


CHUWI Lapbook SE is excellent in looks and mind-blowing in design. Just 7mm thickness of screen and borderless keyboard makes it a delight to eyes. It can easily be carried around and snuggled into a backpack with no sweat.


When you take home CHUWI Lapbook SE, you take home beauty and functionality expert. This innovative laptop has stuffed in all the most exciting features that can make your day truly exciting and full of accomplishments. Get your work companion today at the best rates available online and add convenience factor to your work effortlessly with this amazing laptop from CHUWI.

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Specs of CHUWI LapBook SE
Processor Intel Gemini Lake N4100 Quad-Core
Graphics Intel Graphics 600
Storage 32GB eMMC + 128GB SSD
Display FHD IPS 13.3-inch

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