PCIe 5.0 is coming

Phison's E26 PCIe Controller Chip

With the upcoming release of Intel’s Alder Lake S series of chips coming later this year, a new class of SSD devices supporting the latest standard of PCIe will be hitting the market. The PCIe 4.0 standard is the currently the fastest data transfer standard for drives that is available for consumer SSDs and enterprise … Read more

Best USI Pens for Laptops and Chromebooks

penoval usi

The Universal Stylus Initiative – or USI – are a nonprofit alliance of companies, responsible for defining industry-wide standards when it comes to effective stylus-to-screen interaction. This encompasses everything that a stylus is compatible with running on – including touch-enabled screens – such as tablets, computers, and entertainment platforms. Though there are a large number … Read more

Motherboards for the ASUS X570 Are Driving Technophiles Into a Frenzy

proart B550-creator

Excitement over the Asus X570 motherboard series is reaching fever pitch heights, and for good reason. Since the original X570 motherboard series was released back in July 2019, its popularity has gone from strength to strength – not only among seasoned tech enthusiasts, but among first-time builders as well. The chipset has stayed top-rated since … Read more