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Bing Now Uses DALL-E 2 AI To Generate Images

DALL-E has been making all kinds of big headlines since it was revealed. The idea of generating entire images by just using words is fascinating and DALL-E seems to be leading the way in this field. Finally, its AI image-generation capabilities are coming to the general public, as Bing just launched its new AI Image Creator platform which is powered by the updated DALL-E 2.

Bing AI Image Generation

AI Image Generation With DALL-E 2 Is Now Available on Bing

The concept of DALL-E’s image generation is simple. You provide a context for your image and based on that context, the AI software then generates images. Bing brings this to its users by integrating those AI algorithms into its platform. You can access this by going to bing.com/create. Log into your Microsoft account, click the text box, and type in the context of the photo you want DALL-E’s AI to generate.

Bing AI Image Generation

The above example is of a Sci-Fi scenario where a man is standing in front of a portal to another dimension. Based on the query, the Ai generated a total of four images. Now, that query came from the suggested “Surprise Me” option, but I typed in stuff like “Aliens playing football” and “Babies doing laundry” and it generated images for those as well.

Bing gives you a total of 25 “Boosts” as of now. Boosts allow you to generate images faster, and once you run out, the images will generate slower. The AI produces incorrect results at times, but that only seems to happen when the context is not well-defined or in case you’re searching for the name of someone/something. Generating specific text outputs fails quite badly as well.

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It would also appear that if you put multiple subjects in the context, it usually prefers the first one (check the image above). However, these shortcomings will keep improving with time as AI algorithms advance further. Also, the feature won’t work in Private Browsing mode (tested on Microsoft Edge). It’s still very impressive though considering how fast the AI is able to generate the images.

The availability of the feature seems to be limited at this time though. Countries like India (where I tested this) and the UK already have access to Bing’s Image Creator, but Windows Central reported that they weren’t able to try this yet in the United States, and I’ve double-checked the same. However, the feature should be available in the US very soon.

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