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BETT 2020: Dell, HP and Acer Launches New Laptops

The education industry is getting globally modernized and inclined more towards the use of technology in their everyday sphere. Not just teachers, even students are making the maximum use out of the available technological innovations to further propel their growth and knowledge. Addressing the same situations, tech brands Dell, HP and Acer launched their new range of laptops, especially designed for the education niche.

The same was announces at BETT 2020, which is an Edu-tech event that took place on January 22, 2020 with over 800 companies and around 103 Edu-tech startups. The event also witnessed the presence of over 34,000 attendees.

Dell introduced a new addition to their existing Latitude series with the Latitude 9510 which is a sleek designed 15” commercial laptop. This is considered to be the world’s lightest and most intelligent laptop designed for multipurpose uses.

Dell Latitude 9510
Dell Latitude 9510

The device comes with the unique 15” InfinityEdge screen in a 14” body which is nothing short of crazy and magnificent at the same time. The Latitude 9510 is also integrated with Dell Optimiser’s built in AI that works along with your needs. Moreover, the device also allows the education professionals to churn their productivity to the maximum level.

Apart from the grand launch of the new Latitude laptop, the company also announced that they are looking forward to adding a number of new functionalities to their existing Latitude 3310 and 3310 convertible laptops to enhance the overall experience of the users for the better. Some of the features to be included are that of the front facing camera, along with the WavesMAXX Audio Pro.

It was not just Dell that launched their new laptop; HP took the lead as well. The brand launched two new Chromebooks to add to their already existing range. The two new additions include the HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE and the HP Chromebook 11A G8 EE which are claimed to be the world’s thinnest Chromebooks that are designed to enhance the overall experience of the teachers and the students.

hp chromebook 11 and 11a g8 ee
HP Chromebook 11 G8 EE and the HP Chromebook 11A G8 EE

The laptops are quite rugged, ensuring better durability. The lightweight and sleek design also assures enhanced portability, further enhancing the overall use experience even more so. Both the models are also powered by either the Intel or AMD processors that assure smoother function and better results. The standard Chrome operating system further provides with smooth functioning for easier access and better time management.

Both of the devices have undergone the 76cm drop test on the concrete as well as the 122 cm on the wood to test out their durability and overall quality of the laptops. The keyboards have also been designed to resist spills up to a maximum of 350 ml of water.

The devices are mainly to enhance the overall productivity and the functionality of the student’s and teacher’s lives with the latest features  and the optional high definition anti-glare screen that assure better protection of the eyes too. The devices also allow the students to engage in real time collaborations with the webcam option along with the HP extended range wireless LAN.

hp chromebook 14 g6
HP Chromebook 14 G6

The brand also announced the release of a redesigned version of the existing HP Chromebook 14 G6 to further enhance the overall workspace and the effective experience using them.

Acer was also not behind and announced their new 12”  Chromebook at BETT 2020, the Acer Chromebook 712. The device has been specifically designed and developed to cater to the niche of education. This new Chromebook does come with an amazingly premium, sleek and durable design.

acer chromebook-712 c871-c871T
Acer Chromebook 712

The Acer Chromebook 712 also comes integrated with the 12” inch display with the 3:2 aspect ratio that further provides with better vertical viewing angles and improved productivity of the students and teachers. The device is also powered by the latest 10th Gen Intel Core processors to ensure no compromise with the overall use experience. This also provides with a glitch free operation for smooth studying and teaching needs.

James Lin, General Manager, Notebooks, IT Products Business, Acer Inc stated saying that every single aspect and feature designed and manufactured in the new Acer Chromebook 712 has been done keeping the educational environment in mind. The company has not just ensured to include better durability features with this new addition, but also assured to provide with seamless productivity.

Lin further said that the developers have also included student friendly keyboards in the Chromebook along with the combination of the latest processing and Wi-Fi technology that allows the students to have a revolutionary experience like no other. It is believed to enhance the overall student engagements and the learning outcomes as well.

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