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5 Best Samsung Laptops 2023

best samsung laptop Samsung, the South Korean tech company, is an established name in smartphones. In the realm of laptops, the brand has started taking confident steps and designed a few choices for different types of users.

Samsung has been making digital devices for a long time, which gives it an edge in understanding consumer preferences and building affordable models.

Many of its laptops offer dependable performance, vivid displays, and a full suite of apps to synchronize with Samsung phones.

Compared to many competitors, the tech giant does not boast an extensive range of laptops. If you choose to buy a Samsung computer, you can explore the Galaxy Book or the Chromebook ranges.

The brand has a knack for building stunning Chromebooks with gorgeous displays, smooth sound, and high-speed internet connectivity.

Aesthetically, many of Samsung’s devices are colorful and attractive to behold besides being sleek and lightweight. Recently, the brand has started slimming down bezels and making the corners sharper, resulting in eye-catching profiles.

Our Picks: Top 5 Best Samsung Laptops in 2023

Here are the best five Samsung laptops that money can buy this year. The company is focused on its Galaxy Book range and has also produced some Chromebooks for users with travel-oriented lifestyles.

These devices start at just $299, which means budget-watchers are in for a treat. Moreover, many of these picks are suitable for business people, students, and home-based users.

Gamers will struggle to find something up their street in Samsung’s lineup. But if light gaming is your thing, you may find that the Galaxy Books do the job quite well.

1. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360

samsung galaxy book pro 360 15

The 13.3” (or 15.6”) Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360 is possibly your best bet for computing pursuits at both work and home. It is a sleek, lightweight convertible that transforms into a tablet with a 360-degree design.

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It gets powered by an efficient Intel Core i7 CPU, 16GB RAM, and up to 1TB of storage space. The specifications are well-suited to most everyday activities, some gaming, and multimedia content editing. At $859.99, it is cost-effective as well.

An AMOLED screen is of the highlights of this laptop, offering 120% color volume and letting you work comfortably even in direct sunlight. The S Pen is easy to use and has unique features like writing on PDFs. You can also change your handwriting into digital notes.

This Samsung convertible provides excellent battery backup. It lasts for 21 hours on one charge. Plus, the charger is incredibly light. You can travel with it comfortably without being bogged down by the weight.

Connectivity-wise, this laptop synchronizes well with any other Samsung devices you may own. It offers the latest Wi-Fi chip (Wi-Fi 6E) and uses Windows 11 for a familiar, user-friendly experience. So, you can switch from a business meeting to a group video conference with your family – all without feeling overwhelmed by screens and settings.

2. Samsung Galaxy Book Pro

samsung galaxy book pro 13-inch If you seek a veritable mix of portability and performance, the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro is an option worth considering.

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It is astonishingly lightweight at less than 2lbs. Nonetheless, it delivers competent performance for day-to-day tasks, thanks to an Intel Core i7 processor and up to 512GB of space.

It has a stellar display: an AMOLED monitor, 120% color volume, and reduced blue-light emissions. At $809.99, you can get a good bang for your buck.

On the battery front, Samsung delivers with almost 21 hours of backup on one charge. The charger is light too, allowing you to travel freely with your smartphone-like tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Book Pro has some fascinating features to support work-from-home professionals. It is easy to connect to other Samsung devices to keep your work synchronized. While doing video calls, you can benefit from the background noise removal option.

A camera beauty filter lets you look your best – not a bad deal at all, considering how work-from-home has dissolved boundaries between home and the office.

The latest Wi-Fi card (Wi-Fi 6E) is another notable advantage. It provides faster internet speeds than you may have been used before. It is a blessing in this age of remote workplaces.

3. Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 ⍺

samsung galaxy book flex2 alpha As the name suggests, the Samsung Galaxy Book Flex2 ⍺ does indeed flex some serious muscle in innovation and business-friendly features.

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It is a 2-in-1 that converts into a tablet deftly. Boasting an Intel Core i7 CPU and 512GB of storage, this laptop performs work tasks efficiently.

This Galaxy device comes with Intel Iris Xe graphics. It uses an edge-to-edge design to lower external interference.

The QLED touchscreen and 100% color volume make this device suitable for multimedia professionals who need to create or edit content. If you have to work in the sun, there is an outdoor mode to enhance your viewing.

The brilliant battery life of 18.5 hours makes this laptop ideal for professionals who must travel often. You can easily work on a plane or pull an all-nighter when required. What is more, the battery charges up swiftly, allowing you to power up without losing precious time.

The cross-device provisions are admirable. You can use a second screen to work faster or multitask. Applications such as Samsung Notes and Clip Studio Paint come as a part of the deal. They make life easier for students and busy professionals.

4. Samsung Galaxy Book Go

samsung galaxy book go At $299.99, the Samsung Galaxy Book Go is one of the most affordable options on this list. With good performance, 5G, and effective cooling, it is an intelligent choice.

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This laptop adheres to a durable design standard that can absorb shocks. It also provides users with a flexible 180-degree hinge for comfortable use.

The most noteworthy aspect of this 14” device is how it manages heat dissipation without a fan and utilizes a Qualcomm Snapdragon platform instead.

This energy-efficient alternative consumes less power but maintains high responsiveness. On one charge, the battery lasts for 18 hours, giving you several hours of bother-free work.

Note that the inbuilt storage is 128GB, and the RAM support is 4GB. It is a neat specification for your standard computing tasks in the office or the campus. You can select either Windows 10 Home or 11 based on what you feel more comfortable using.

Among other beneficial features of this laptop is background noise removal during voice or video calls. You will not have to compromise on sound quality when trying to take a meeting amidst living-room noises. A beauty filter for the camera allows you to spruce up quickly for work-dos.

5. Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2

samsung galaxy chromebook 2

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 raises the bar for the company in innovation with its QLED display and 100% DCI-P3 color gamut. Although it is a Chromebook, the imagery is spectacular and the colors are glorious.

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A high-performing Intel Core i3 CPU and Gig+ Wi-Fi 6 internet make this laptop a powerful, versatile option. You can also choose an Intel Celeron processor to cut down costs.

If you are a multimedia enthusiast, you will enjoy the Smart Amp audio that produces high volumes and clear sound during your movies, videos, etc. This technology manages to detect speaker temperature and excursion. You can comfortably raise the volume to as much as 178% – welcome news for audiophiles!

This 2.7lbs Chromebook has an aluminum chassis that is lightweight but durable. Plus, it measures a mere 0.55”, so you can easily slip it into a backpack and get going. The lattice keyboard with large keycaps and two USB Type-C ports are a thoughtful nod to user-friendliness and accessibility.

The battery backup of 13 hours lets you power through most of the day. It may not be, however, as much juice as you would expect from a Chromebook.

Bonus: Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go

samsung galaxy chromebook go Here is a bonus pick for students. The 14” Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go comes with superb features like LTE connectivity and 12 hours of battery capacity.

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Even without Wi-Fi, you can enjoy high-speed internet speeds to complete school assignments. At just $249.99, it is a budget-friendly deal that suits students perfectly.

On the performance frontier, Samsung gives you an Intel Celeron processor and 32GB of storage.

You can perform pursuits like making notes, checking e-mail, working on documents, etc. Although the inbuilt storage is low, Google One brings you an extra 200GB of cloud storage. You can avail of it for up to a year.

This Chromebook has a military-grade design to ensure that traveling is not a hassle. It is also the lightest Chromebook in the Samsung house. You can carry it around the campus and outside without fretting about accidental damage.

The Nearby Share and Phone Hub features on this device are handy solutions to transfer your files and projects. Plus, you can efficiently manage an Android phone from the device. It brings you a connected experience while brainstorming or collaborating with your peers.

Samsung Laptops: Upping Innovation

In recent times, the company has significantly upped its innovation quotient. In 2020, it brought out the first QLED display on its Galaxy Book Flex2 ⍺ model.

The Samsung line also consists of a top-notch Galaxy Chromebook with a 4K AMOLED display. The improvement in the sharpness of both text and imagery is brilliant.

Another charming innovation bodes particularly well for content creators: the S Pen. The touch-based laptops and convertibles in the Samsung family come with a smooth S Pen that makes it second nature to sketch, doodle, or make notes.

It does not need to be charged and offers varied textures for painting, writing, sketching, etc. If you need to convert sketches into diagrams or handwriting into text, you will love this pen.

Considerations while Buying a Samsung Laptop

It can be tough to pick one laptop brand over many established names like Dell, HP, and Apple. While purchasing a Samsung laptop, the scarcity of choices is a prime limitation you will face.

Currently, the brand lacks several integral lineups such as business, premium gaming, workstations, etc. These are categories available with most full-house laptop makers. In the future, it does seem likely that Samsung will come up with newer ranges to cater to more user groups.

In the same vein, you are unlikely to get many choices to configure your device. While purchasing a Samsung computer, you will find that most models have few combinations in CPU, RAM, storage, and graphics.

It can feel limiting for consumers who like customizing their laptops. Gamers can find this especially bothersome. However, if you wish to use your computer primarily for everyday work in the office or college, it is unlikely to be a problem.

Limited customer support is another ongoing problem for Samsung. Many customers find phone and web support lacking, especially when compared to other players in the market. One can hope that as Samsung makes further strides as a laptop maker, it will also build an extensive support network across the world.

Final Word

Samsung has a long way to go to cement a reputation as a leading brand in laptops. The competition is tough, and many top-of-the-rung players are coming up with multiple product lines and several innovations.

With Samsung, the choices remain limited, and some of the available laptops miss the mark in gaming-friendliness, design, and performance. However, the Galaxy Books hold promise with superior specifications, vivid displays, and dependable battery backup.

The Chromebooks in the stables of Samsung are decent options too. Their lightweight build, responsive performance, and bright displays are just what the doctor ordered for this fast-paced world.

Cost-effective pricing is a significant bonus of the Samsung brand. Most of their best picks, including the Samsung Galaxy Book Pro 360, come at less than $1000. That is not a bad deal at all for a decent, reliable Windows laptop.

You can choose to purchase a Samsung device if you wish to experiment with a lesser known brand and need to stick to a tight budget. If you are already familiar with Samsung, and own smartphones, tablets, etc., by the maker, one of these laptops can provide you a smooth, user-friendly experience.

You can avail of the synchronization options to manage your phone, laptop, etc., to create a streamlined work atmosphere.

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