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Top 5 Best Razer Laptops in 2022 (Latest Models)

best razer laptop Razer, the Singaporean-American technology company, has swiftly emerged as one of the leading names among gaming laptop makers.

Its line-up of top-of-the-rung gaming machines with unbeatable performance and eye-catching designs makes Razer a brand to reckon with.

The company with the three-headed snake logo holds its own even in a crowded landscape featuring giants like Apple, Dell, and MSI. Razer is also renowned for designing top-tier gaming paraphernalia like keyboards, mice, etc.

Recently, Razer has started creating laptops for creative professionals who need workstations. The Studio Edition line is a mega step toward diversifying the brand portfolio and bringing different users into the family.

Another helpful addition to the umbrella is the Blade Stealth laptop targeted at mobile professionals. Some of the choices available with Razer do cater to office-goers, especially those who like to settle down with an adrenaline-pumping game after work.

Why Razer Laptops: Prime Strengths

Razer devices are best known for their glorious looks and superb performance. Each Razer device looks and feels premium, with its CNC aluminum body and stunning RGB lighting. The company is focused on innovation and announces new launches with pioneering features from time to time.

For instance, it came up with an optical keyboard for gamers that offered noticeably more precision and speed than traditional keyboards. The powerful actuation force creates an almost unfair advantage for gamers who use this keyboard.

Another key strength of the company is its highly admired tech support team. If you have any concerns about your purchase, you can expect a swift response from tech support representatives via phone or live chat.

Razer also has a terrific social media presence and a massive resource base online. A one-year warranty (including free shipping for repairs or servicing) covers any issues not resolved remotely.

Considerations while Buying a Razer Laptop

Razer, undoubtedly, makes excellent laptops – some of the finest and most powerful Windows devices that money can buy. However, the steep price point is a prime consideration you must mind while selecting a Razer device.

There is no available option at less than $1,000. It rules out those on a tight budget unless you are talking about a special/seasonal discount.

Limited variety can also be a setback for those used to choosing from a wide range and selecting customization options. The range of Razer is still essentially limited to gaming machines, although choices are now available for multimedia professionals and mobile workers. The company’s biggest audience is dedicated gamers who are willing to go the extra mile to perfect their game.

Some users find that a few Razer devices tend to attract smudges and fingerprint marks, particularly in the absence of any protective coating.

A few laptops lack biometric login, even though they are more expensive than similar devices by brands like HP or ASUS. Heat dissipation is a region where Razer could work more since many users find their laptops becoming toasty after continuous use.

Our Picks: Top 5 Best Razer Laptops for 2022

The list below covers the very best Razer laptops you can find today, starting at around $1499. While Razer is a committed gaming laptop manufacturer, some of these devices also work well in the workplace.

Most of these machines provide superior audio output and plenty of connections. When you purchase from the Razer family, you can be assured of exceptional build standards, steady performance, and the capacity to stay ahead of the curve. It is a purchase designed to stand the test of time, making it worthwhile to pay a premium.

1. Razer Blade 15 Advanced Gaming Laptop

razer blade 15 advanced 2021 The 15.6” Razer Blade 15 Advanced gaming laptop is the best Razer device for gaming enthusiasts and professional players.

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It comes at a steep $2,299.99 but has the specifications to justify the price. You get the power of an eleventh-gen Intel Core H Series CPU, 1TB of storage, and 32GB of RAM.

The NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series GPU realizes an enthralling multimedia experience for both gamers and creators.

Color precision is top-notch at 100% sRGB, while the swift response time of 2ms makes transitions and special effects ultra-smooth. Add to this a refresh rate up to 360Hz (or 240Hz on the QHD model), and you are golden.

Razer is now prioritizing heat management to ensure sustainable performance during intense multimedia sessions. The advanced model comes with vapor chamber cooling to keep your device minty fresh.

Superior audio is another noteworthy triumph for this Razer laptop. THX Spatial Audio generates a 7.1 surround sound output that adds a whole new dimension to your game.

Connections are aplenty in this laptop, including Wi-Fi 6E and Thunderbolt 4. The overall accessibility quotient is high with an RGB keyboard that offers more than 16.8 million colors and a clickable glass touchpad. Plus, since this device is quintessentially Razer-thin at 0.62”, you will not have to compromise portability for performance.

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2. Razer Blade 14 Gaming Laptop

razer blade 14 gaming laptop 2021 The Razer Blade 14 gaming laptop is another exceptional choice that even the most committed gamers will struggle to criticize.

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It is an AMD machine driven by an AMD Ryzen 9 5900HX processor with a maximum boost up to 4.6GHz.

An NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 graphics card delivers fine-tuned imagery to let you play AAA games at the choicest settings. This laptop starts at $1,799.99 for the FHD model.

Let us talk about the brilliant display: a QHD monitor, a 100% DCI-P3 color gamut, and 100% sRGB on the FHD version. If you purchase the QHD model, you can enjoy refresh rates of 165Hz; the FHD device delivers 144Hz.

Moreover, each display is individually calibrated at the factory to ensure compromise-free visual output. The mix gets more exciting with THX Spatial Audio and advanced 7.1 surround sound. It is a fair treat for gamers who like sound effects.

Razer focuses on giving you a sleek, durable machine that lasts. This 0.66” device has a CNC aluminum build. With two USB-C ports and up to 12 hours of battery capacity, you can game comfortably on the go.

3. Razer Blade Pro 17 17-inch Gaming Laptop

razer blade pro 17 2021 If you have a budget over $2000 for a large-screen experience, then the Razer Blade Pro 17 17-inch gaming laptop priced at $2,399.99 will not disappoint.

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It is a 17.3” device fueled by an Intel Core i7-11800H CPU and up to 64GB of memory (after upgrading). The performance is astounding and gets well supported by NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics.

Vapor chamber cooling keeps the components cool while improving continued performance at extreme settings.

Although it is a 17” laptop, the monitor is built into a super-sleek chassis – almost as portable as a 15” device. It works well for users who want larger-than-life gameplay but do not want to sacrifice mobility.

Notably, Razer also offers anti-fingerprint coating here, keeping your computer as captivating as ever for a long time.

The connectivity frontier is charming. You can employ high-speed Ethernet or Wi-Fi 6E to enjoy online gaming. The laptop comes with Thunderbolt 4 ports and a UHS Card Reader too.

If you have a soft spot for sound effects, you can delight in the quad speakers. THX spatial audio generates superior audio output and creates an enchanting experience.

4. Razer Blade Stealth 13 Gaming Ultrabook

razer blade stealth 13 ultrabook 11th gen The 13.3” Razer Blade Stealth 13 Gaming Ultrabook is a great pick for gamers scouting for a compact but durable laptop.

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As high-performing as ever, this Ultrabook gets its power from an eleventh-gen Intel Core i7 CPU and an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 Ti graphics card.

This laptop comes with inbuilt Thunderbolt 4 ports and Wi-Fi 6 connectivity – a perfect kit for digital gaming and to stay connected with all your paraphernalia. The starting price is $1,699.99.

This Blade Stealth offers a vivid FHD display with a refresh rate of 120Hz. You can also opt for the OLED display. What makes a significant difference is the 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and the individual calibration of each screen.

The audio output is terrific, thanks to THX Audio. You can enjoy the AAA gaming experience in its entirety, from sound effects to transitions and effects.

Razer has built a powerhouse of a machine here, with high-grade aluminum. The classic black color is anodized sub-molecularly to keep it long-lasting.

Despite this, the thickness is just 0.6”.  It makes it easy to travel to gaming events and outdoor dos. While on the run, it is smart to use Windows Hello for additional confidentiality through facial recognition.

5. Razer Book 13 Productivity Laptop

razer book 13 2021

If you intend to purchase a Razer laptop that goes beyond gaming and excels at the workplace, the Razer Book 13 productivity laptop is a good bet.

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An Intel Core i7-1165G7 processor powers it up, supported by 16GB of RAM, 512GB of storage, and Intel Iris Xe graphics. A vapor chamber cooling adapts well to daily rigor at the workplace and doubles up for endless entertainment when you unwind. This 13.4″ device starts at $1,499.99.

Neat and sleek displays have always been second nature for Razer. Here too, the 4K touch screen is bright and meticulous, and the thin bezels minimize external interference to keep you focused on your work.

A Gorilla Glass 6 cover protects the screen from damage, while an anti-reflective coating keeps it new. The delights of THX Spatial Audio are admirable, generating 7.1 surround sound. Note that the FHD screen delivers a refresh rate of 60Hz, which is less satisfying if you have been accustomed to 144Hz settings.

Build-wise, it is a sturdy but lightweight computer that has built-in Thunderbolt 4 ports and a fantastic keyboard with RGB lighting. With Windows Hello, you can access your computer securely in shared work environments.


Over time, Razer has managed to cement its spot in a crowded marketplace. The company is now a trusted brand for gaming laptops and devices. The stellar design, gorgeous backlighting, and dependable performance build a veritable mix for the passionate gamer.

In fact, in aspects like premium build, Razer surpasses many other players. It also has leadership in some areas not directly related to laptop build, for example, tech support.

With laptops like the Razer Blade 15 boasting rapid response time and 2ms refresh rates, the company is making strides in improving the user experience of its core group.

Features like high-speed internet, a rich color gamut, and Thunderbolt 4 also encompass the needs of allied user groups like multimedia content creators.

Since the laptop manufacturer space is raging with competition, not addressing simmering issues can prove damaging. While Razer is a coveted choice by gamers, a tendency to rest on its laurels or an unwillingness to experiment with new designs can be off-putting for some users.

Perhaps, as the brand incorporates novel build standards and bolsters its portfolio, it will grow even further as the laptop of choice for the arena and outside.

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