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Top 10 Best Minecraft House Ideas 2023

minecraft house ideas

Here we consolidated the best Minecraft house ideas that we think are worth looking into in 2023.

While its pretty easy to imagine and design a Minecraft House in your head, you can’t deny the fact that actually building it is a pain. Not only do you need access to the best inventory, you also have to put everything in place to form a sense of home and security in the place you build.

The availability of Minecraft house ideas on the internet is abundant. You have access to videos, images, tutorials and so much more. However, despite the sea of options available, its often difficult to pinpoint and start working on a particular house idea that you think would be practical and worthy sparing all the items from your inventory.

To make the process easier and more accessible for you, we have sorted out all the important and perfect Minecraft house ideas that we think are worth looking into in 2023.

Top 10 Best Minecraft House Ideas 2023

There is an abundance of Minecraft house ideas available. And, while you can follow the tutorials as is, you can also take ideas from them and implement your own twist to the design to build something personalized to your taste and liking.

Following are the top 10 best Minecraft house ideas that we recommend considering:

1. Luxury Modern House

luxury modern house

Luxury modern house is nothing but the house of your dreams. Its one with ambient lighting, multiple storeys, pool and a backyard that make you feel the abundance of wealth that you have. The moody lighting with the backdrop of a calm and serene environment makes it perfect for a calm night in.

On the flip side, the ample space around this modern piece of architecture allows you to throw parties and entertain your guests in the Minecraft world.

For a detailed tutorial, list of items and steps of preparation, watch this video from Oschacra.

2. Wooden Survival House

wooden survival house

At some point in life, we have all dreamt of owning a small wooden cabin in the depths of the forest, away from the hustle and bustle. If you want to make that a reality, the Wooden Survival House by One Team is the perfect testament to that.

Besides the basic and minimal cabin structure, what entices the look is the abundance of greenery around the house. Its surrounded by foliage, wheat growing out the entrance of the house and the subtle cobblestone pathway brings everything together.

For a detailed tutorial, watch this video by One Team.

3. Modern House with Swimming Pool

Modern House with Swimming Pool

Before you are misled into thinking that building a modern, gigantic house can be a pain, let us discuss about something that’s a lot more modest and worth the time.

Halny is known for their amazing Minecraft house ideas and this one with the swimming pool on the side wins the show. The fenced area with the alternating colors of orange and beige with the backdrop of greenery looks stunning. It is an artistic creation you won’t regret indulging in at all.

You can find the detailed tutorial by Halny in this video.

4. Underground House

Underground House

When you think of an underground house, you think about the safety of your Minecraft character. And, this one from Spudetti lives up to the expectations by a lot.

Not only do you get the security of lying low in the circular fortress, you also get to witness the beauty of the nature with a panoramic view. The symmetric circular marvel has four individual sections and has an open roof that’s perfect to enjoy the beauty of the open sky.

For a detailed tutorial on how to build it, follow this video from Spudetti.

5. Large Beach House

large beach house

Who doesn’t love a good beach house, right? Well, if you want to extrapolate that emotion to your Minecraft world, building this large beach house could be a great way to start that.

This one is a comprehensive video by Zaypixel, who is known for their amazing Minecraft ideas and mods. The look and the feel of this beach house has a very homely feel to it, which we think is embodied well with the tones of brown and green in the final layout.

Confused where to start? We’d recommend following this video by Zaypixel for all the details.

6. Underwater Mountain House

underwater mountain house

When you look up Minecraft homes, you will find an abundance of options for Mountain Houses and Underwater Houses – separately. But, what if you could amalgamate the two concepts? Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Zaypixel manages to outshine yet again with their amazing Minecraft house idea with this one.

You do have to work quite a bit to construct this place but its definitely worth the efforts of cutting and digging through stone. There is a viewing deck for heightened security, which we thought was a nice additional touch to the final layout of the house.

You can find a detailed tutorial by Zaypixel in this video.

7. Luxury Villa House

Luxury Villa House

LubovLC serves each time with their Minecraft home ideas but this luxury villa house surpasses it all. It is jaw dropping beautiful, especially with the dual-quarter situation that you have going. It does need a lot of land space to build but this contemporary villa is everything dreams are made of. You can use it for primary residence or treat it as a vacation house.

Adorned with a garden, and swimming pool, the subtle gray tones of the house add a chic yet minimal vibe to the overall appearance. It is one of those timeless Minecraft House ideas that will live through generations.

For detailed tutorial on the items needed and the steps to build, watch this video by LubovLC.

8. Cool Modern House on Water

Cool Modern House on Water

As we said before, Underwater houses in Minecraft are quite popular and if you are looking for a modern iteration of the same, this cool modern house by Random Steve Guy is a great choice.

The entire house is glass panelled, which allows your Minecraft character to witness the beauty of everything underwater from the safety of your home. Also, a part of the house is above water, especially with the roof, where you can walk up and get a view of the breath-taking surroundings.

Considering building one? Follow this video by Random Steve Guy for a detailed tutorial.

9. Large Spruce Survival Mansion

Large Spruce Survival Mansion

Survival mansions need to be majestic because that’s their identifying trait. Its what separates them from the rest and allows you to keep your Minecraft character safe in case of an invasion. The best part about building this striking two-storey survival mansion is not just the design but the way its built.

You don’t need access to high-end or performative items in the inventory to build this mansion. All you need are basic essentials from the inventory and you are good to go. Overall, the wooden design with the cobblestone path gives the house a very timid yet rustic appearance.

This video from Folli explains more about the structure, design and building process in detail.

10. Underwater Modern House

Underwater Modern House

Ending the list with another creation from Random Steve Guy. The underwater modern house is an epitome of class and unique architectural touch.

Besides the layout, the windowed walls are what makes it stand out of the rest. The best part of building this modern house is that there is no island in its close radius, which can be daunting but exhilarating at the same time.

Follow this video from Random Steve Guy for a detailed tutorial.


Minecraft House ideas are never-ending and rely on the creativity of the Minecraft enthusiasts. If you are new to the game and want some ideas or sort of a head start to the process, this is where you can look for some of the best picks and go from there. Just ensure that you pick an idea for which you have the inventory you need to build the house.

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