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Top 10 Best Black Friday Laptop Deals 2022

best black friday laptop deals Grab the best Black Friday laptop deals 2022 to lay your hands on powerful laptops for contemporary lifestyles on a budget.

Welcome to that amazingly festive time of the year when shopping takes on a whole new meaning. In the days leading up to Black Friday—the day after Thanksgiving—sales skyrocket and stores see more buyers than ever.

Along with Thanksgiving and Christmas, Black Friday is one of the busiest times for the market, especially the electronics brands. Even if you are not a savvy shopper and rarely know which deals to go after, you will find it difficult to go wrong during a Black Friday offer.

We have put together a ready reckoner on acing this season and making some splendid purchases that you will live to cherish. How to clinch a winning deal, the mistakes to avoid while shopping, a list of the very best offers on laptops this year—we have it all sorted for you.

Our Picks: Top 10 Best Black Friday Laptop Deals for 2022

Ready to shop and save big? Presenting a selection of some of the most exciting deals this holiday season, from laptops for daily use to gaming laptops that stop at nothing! In the run-up to Black Friday 2022, manufacturers are likely to add more deals to their kitties, so watch this space.

  1. All Amazon Black Friday Laptop Deals – Save up to $700 on laptops
  2. Dell Early Black Friday Deals – Up to 50% OFF on Select Laptops
  3. HP Early Black Friday Laptop Sale – Save up to 76% on Laptops
  4. Lenovo Early Black Friday Laptop Deals – Save up to 70% on select doorbusters
  5. BestBuy Early Black Friday Deals – Save up to $500 on select laptops
  6. ASUS ROG Strix Scar 15 (2022) – was $1,999.99 now $1,649.99
  7. Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-32DK Slim Laptop – was $379.99 now $249.99
  8. Acer Predator Triton 500 SE – was $2,999.99 now $2,299.99
  9. Lenovo Flex 5 2-in-1 Laptop – was $799.99 now $599.99
  10. Victus by HP 15 Gaming Laptop – was $979.99 now $599.99

Black Friday Deals 2022: An Overview

There is hardly a leading laptop brand insulated from the Black Friday buzz. From Apple to Dell, HP to MSI, Lenovo to Acer and ASUS, the marketplace is flooded with discounts that are not only eye-catching but also sensible for your wallet.

This is a fantastic time to get your hands on a Macbook—one of the most exciting deals this Black Friday. From portable 13” laptops to full-purpose 16” MacBooks, Apple is very generous with offers this season.

What’s more, many of the discounted laptops come with industry-leading features like touch bars, keyboards with an improved scissor mechanism, and Retina displays with unparalleled accuracy and a wide range of colors.

Dell is another major brand that has unfurled an attractive spate of offers this season—from all-rounder laptops to exclusive gaming machines. Innovative features like Tobii eye tracking and webcams with temporal noise reduction are part of the discounted range.

Truly, Dell has come a long way from acing the campus space and the workplace to occupying center-stage in other areas like video editing.

The Alienware series is a must to look out for if you are keen on a high-performing computer for both work and play.

Not surprisingly, the Black Friday deals abound in gaming laptops. HP, for instance, has discounted its OMEN range as well as the more affordable Pavilion line-up.

Brands like MSI and Razer—both leaders in the gaming space—are also offering deals that will please multimedia connoisseurs. From full-purpose backlit keyboards with customization to bright displays and effective cooling systems, these devices are ideal for high-adrenaline gameplay.

If brilliant design and aesthetic appeal to you, it is worth checking out ASUS’s range of gaming laptops, especially the ROG Zephyrus S series. Equipped with Pantone validation, a sleek build and a refresh rate of 240Hz, it is a satisfying option to pick up during the Black Friday sale.

Many of ASUS’s laptops are winners on the sustainability front too, maintaining their cool with anti-dust technology and adjustable fan modes.

When it comes to design sense, Microsoft still has few competitors, as is evident from its Surface range. On sale this season are Surface laptops with PixelSense displays, touch compatibility, multi-mode usage, and multi-color options. Many of them also have tremendous unplugged potential, adding to the overall mobility of the user.

Chromebooks occupy a special place in the laptop world, renowned for their responsiveness and flexibility of use. Several manufacturers have dedicated line-ups of Chromebooks, including HP, Lenovo, Asus and Samsung.

To celebrate Black Friday, many of them have announced deals on Chromebooks, making this time of the year ideal to purchase a dependable computing companion.

You can look at Lenovo or Samsung for a cost-effective option. Or, if you want stellar design and long battery life, then HP has Chromebooks that can meet your needs.

Other deals to look out for include Acer, especially its Predator gaming range and the Swift series with support for Cortana. The Aspire line is also a part of the sale, offering an AMD processor to further up its affordability.

How to Select the Right Black Friday Deal

That sure sounds like a whole world of offers, doesn’t it? Black Friday is when most leading market players—and newbies who wish to establish themselves—decide to go all out to please customers. Here is a quick list of steps to help you navigate through it all.

Decide which kind of laptop you are looking for

First up, what type of laptop do you need? Do you require a business laptop for video calls and checking your e-mail? Or is it a gaming machine you fancy, with support for special effects, a brilliant heat management system, and efficient processing? Multimedia connoisseurs may aspire for a creativity-friendly laptop that has a superb display and enough strength to run intensive video editing applications.

Choosing the kind of laptop also requires you to make decisions such as the screen size (12”, 13″, 14”, 15.6” and 17” laptops can all be found on sale this Black Friday). Also, you should zero down on basic structural decisions such as convertible, 2-in-1, clamshell, tablet, etc.

Outline the specifications you need

Next up, make a list of the specifications you desire. This list should at least cover the essentials such as processor (type, number of cores, frequency, overclocking, etc.), memory and storage.

The display is another crucial area you should cover, enlisting the kind of screen you need, resolution, and metrics like refresh rate and response time if you are purchasing a gaming laptop.

Having a clear idea of your expectations will stop you from getting confused when bombarded with multiple options that differ only slightly.

Take sides on the important trade-offs

During the Black Friday sale, you will inevitably be met with some trade-offs that will catch you off-guard. For instance, you can either get a 1000 nits display or a battery backup of 17 hours.

Some laptops are sleek and compact to give you an edge in mobility, but they lose out on high-quality sound. Which is more important to you? The best way to handle such decisions is to keep your priorities set.

Portability, connectivity, visual grandeur and high performance are some of the common preferences among modern-age users. Pick what means the most to you over the next couple of years (unless you are willing to make another big investment pretty soon!).

Freeze a budget

This one is relatively simple: how much are you willing to spend? Decide on one number and stick to it to avoid being swayed by the promise of “greater savings” with higher spending.

Consider both the absolute value of the discount you are getting and the total investment you will be making.

Factor in savings in other buckets

Some laptops that are pricier at the outset come with long-term advantages like less wear and tear due to efficient cooling.

Similarly, some devices have easy upgradability for the memory and the storage, thus saving you from the need to buy a new computer when your needs change. Factor in such savings when you calculate your budget.

Jump in early rather than late

Since Black Friday deals are insanely popular, you never know what may change if you wait too long.

Once you have made it through this list and are confident of your purchase decision, try not to dilly dally, or you might just miss out. (Note: Ensure to go through all the deals on your favorite brand/range, since many are yet to be announced.

We have tried to include an exhaustive set of the currently running deals in this article.)

Laptop Shopping Mistakes to Watch Out For

When out in the market for laptops, the sheer volume of discounts can be overwhelming. How do you make a choice when so many computers are selling at discounted prices, all of them promising customized features and speedy performance? It is easy to be misled into making a purchase you might eventually regret. After all, just because a product is on sale doesn’t make it the laptop of your dreams.

Here are some important mistakes to steer clear of when you shop for laptops this Black Friday:

Not exploring online shopping channels

With many discounts available on online sellers like Amazon, you would be losing out big if you only hit brick-and-mortar stores.

Plus, this is usually a busy time for markets and malls, making any shopping experience a crowded, hectic affair.

On the other hand, choosing an online retailer can be relatively stress-free while also giving you additional savings on transport and time.

Waiting till Black Friday to make a purchase

As it turns out, waiting too long to seal the deal can be counterproductive. Many discounts tend to run thin by the time the day actually arrives, or stocks end before you can place your order.

In fact, some sales reports prove that the early weeks of November or the days leading up to Thanksgiving are better times to avail of Black Friday discounts.

Shopping early comes with another bonus: your purchase is certain to be delivered to you (or a loved one) before Christmas!

Not prioritizing your needs over discounts

We get it, an 80% discount is almost too tempting to resist. How can you skip an opportunity to “save” hundreds of dollars by picking another deal that is way less lucrative? Well, no matter how alluring a discount deal is, it is crucial to choose based on one’s requirements and day-to-day usage pattern.

If you have been aspiring to own a gaming laptop, then purchasing a notebook for business will not cut it, no matter how affordable it is. Likewise, ignoring key features such as a decent refresh rate or a vivid display only to accommodate the jaw-dropping discount is sure to trigger purchase dissonance.

Not checking out your options

While you may have a favorite brand that you always turn to for electronic devices, it is worthwhile to assess the entire market before clinching a deal.

With rising demand and competition, more and more players have entered the laptop market, elevating both expectations and performance.

It is no longer only Apple and Microsoft or other trusted brands like Dell and HP that attract customers. Relatively newer companies like Acer, Asus and MSI have also established themselves in the market and brought out laptop line-ups with veritable superiority.

Surveying all your options and judging the best deals on offer can help you get the best bang for your buck.

Assuming that on-sale laptops are old and boring

This is a common but mistaken belief that deprives many potential customers of landing the perfect deal. The laptops that are discounted for Black Friday are not old, poorly designed models that no one needs.

Many top-of-the-rung laptops are also included in the celebrations, with discounts as high or higher than $100–$200.

In fact, some companies even offer sales on their newest launches to give customers a chance to try things out and spread the word. Avoiding being a part of this season on the grounds that “nothing interesting will be discounted” will be a significant loss.

Gearing Up for Black Friday

So, are you feeling all charged up for laptop shopping? This is an excellent time to get your hands on laptops you have always lusted after but resisted from buying.

From discounts ranging from $100 to more than 70% off on some brands, it is unlikely that you will ever find better prices than now.

From laptops and desktops to other computing essentials like monitors, there is a whole world of computing that is currently selling at discounted prices.

This season, Lenovo is running some of the most inviting offers. Discounts run as high as 78%, which is outstanding. The line-ups that are included in the sale are diverse and flexible too, catering to various kinds of users.

Dell, on the other hand, may not be offering the big money in absolute terms; however, the wins are significant. With powerful laptops that offer almost desktop-grade performance available on discount, Dell is sure to be one of the most-watched brands this month.

Other attractive offers include elegant laptops by HP and Microsoft, both of which have focused on style, design and mobility.

Interestingly, Black Friday seems to be an interesting time for shopping for people across various demographics.

If you are a student who wants to buy a computer for campus life, there is plenty to choose from. The Chromebooks by HP, Samsung, ASUS or Lenovo are fine options, mainly for their quick response and portability.

They also have a certain niftiness that works well during traveling or while completing assignments in public transport. Working professionals also have multiple options to select from, ranging from the Lenovo ThinkPad to Acer Swift.

You can get a winning blend of long battery life, connectivity options, competent performance, and reassuring damage protection.

The creative populace also has plenty on offer for Black Friday. If you are a multimedia enthusiast or a passionate gamer, you can delight in the discounts by Razer and MSI. From stunning graphics to long-lasting performance and overclocking, these computers can run AAA games at the highest settings without breaking into a sweat.

Budget gaming machines like HP Pavilion are also included in the sale, making gameplay affordable and saving you precious dollars. Filmmakers, photographers and animators can find these machines useful too, especially for their color accuracy and performance support for heavy-duty applications.

And then again, if you are looking to stock up on Christmas gifts, now could be the perfect time to land some perfectly lovely deals for the holidays to come.

No one needs to know that you got the laptops on sale. And if they do, well, its extra brownie points for your resourcefulness and timeliness. The money you saved can come in handy to purchase gaming paraphernalia like controllers, mice and keyboards.

Or, you could invest in some bags, backlit accessories and external displays for the kicks. The opportunities are plenty, so, happy shopping!

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