Best 16 Inch Laptops 2020

16 inches of grandeur

The laptop marketplace abounds in multiple screen sizes, from tiny 11” laptops to huge 17” devices. When it comes to displays, ask, and you shall find it, whether you need a 15.6” monitor for all-round computing or a 13” notebook for hyper-mobility. Lately, another best 16 inch laptopscreen size that has sprung up on the horizon is the 16 Inch model. Although you cannot find too many options in this space yet, chances are it is a reality simmering to become a rage.

Multiple reasons have inspired manufacturers to experiment with screen sizes. As audiences get more mobile, their requirement to carry their world with them also intensifies.

This is largely why sleek notebooks with thin profiles are very popular in these times. However, many users wish to realize a large-screen, dive-right-in experience without owning a desktop.

It is for these users that screen sizes such as 17”—and now 16”—have been launched. The challenge for manufacturers lies in ensuring that the final offering blends aesthetics with performance, without creating a bulky space-hog that has little use as a portable machine.

Who Should Get a 16-Inch Laptop?

who should get a 16-inch laptop?

The 16” screen size is primarily targeted at audiences who demand impressive visuals and plenty of space in which to render them. These are the users who wish to do away with the “laptops are not as good as desktops” mindset, eliminating the risk of things looking cramped for good. Essentially, the following user groups can derive the most benefit from a 16” laptop:

Over and above this, 16” laptops also make perfect sense for anyone partial to an engaging visual experience.

All that screen space just demands to be filled with movies, photographs, videos, etc., and anyone who cherishes beauty can find it enjoyable.

A 16” laptop can be a good middle ground between a desktop and a 17” laptop, building a balance between overall portability and desktop-grade user experience.

While purchasing a 16” computer, it is important to remember that this size is the diagonal, corner-to-corner measurement. In most cases, this measurement does not include the surrounding bezel. As more and more brands start using narrow bezel monitors, this difference will become less significant.

Note: If you buy a 16” laptop but wish to enjoy an even bigger screen, you can connect to an external display. Many modern notebooks support HDMI ports and reversible USB ports compatible with up to 6K displays. From external screens and mobile phones to televisions, the world of projecting is full of possibilities.

Our Pick: Best 16-Inch Laptop 2020

Whether you need a computing partner for school, business or entertainment, a 16” device can fit the bill—and grandly at that. Not only can you enjoy an engaging multimedia experience on the large screen but also get terrific real estate for all your day to day work.

New Apple MacBook Pro – Best 16 inch Laptop

apple macbook pro 16-inchThe Apple MacBook Pro is 16 inches of visual splendor coupled with powerful performance and long battery life.

Available Online on Amazon

This powerhouse is equipped with a Retina display—the largest for any MacBook ever—and AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series graphics.

The monitor, with 500 nits of brightness, a P3 wide color gamut and a screen resolution of 3072 x 1920, makes life bright and vivid. This all-new 16” behemoth starts at $2,399.

Driving the processing chamber is an Intel Core i9 CPU, 64GB RAM, and an 8TB SSD. From multimedia editing to 3D simulation, this laptop is competent at performing a vast range of demanding tasks. You can comfortably use applications like Final Cut Pro X, Blackmagic Fusion Studio and MATLAB.

Supporting CPU-intensive pursuits is an efficient heat management system with advanced thermal architecture. This MacBook Pro employs enhanced fan blades to increase the airflow, resulting in better cooling and, ultimately, better sustainability.

Apple has always had an edge at delivering stupendous audio-visual experiences. Here too, the six-speaker audio system ensures clear sound output, lending a major fillip to video-editing projects or movie marathons. Two force-canceling woofers also contribute to the acoustics, minimizing the system vibration and improving the bass.

Another stand-out feature of this stunning 16” laptop is its “magic” keyboard, featuring scissor mechanism, a touch bar for intuitive usage, and inverted-T arrow keys. The aim is to create something more user-friendly, more fluid—a keyboard which appeals immensely to programmers, editors or anyone who uses their computer for long periods.

Interestingly, despite all this power, the laptop can run unplugged for almost 11 hours. This is useful for anyone who demands portability, such as travelers and others with hectic lifestyles.

The chassis weighs a comfortable 4.3lbs and has a thickness of 0.64”. To keep users sorted on the go, Apple has included four inbuilt Thunderbolt ports, offering speedy data transfer (40GB/s), charging, and video output (two 6K displays).

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Living Life King-Size

There is something divine about a large-screen experience in computing. It is immersive, engaging and thrilling, especially when your work or passion demands greater attention to detail.

With a 16” laptop, you can enjoy immense screen real estate while also getting better mobility and compactness than a 17” notebook. Beyond the screen size, these computers can also be expected to include powerful processors, plentiful storage, and options to boost multitasking and productivity.

While this screen size is relatively new in the marketplace, more manufacturers are expected to jump on the bandwagon as it grows in popularity.

The Apple MacBook Pro is an excellent choice of a 16” laptop, blending tremendous performance with a splendid display. For Apple, this Retina screen is the largest ever in a notebook; it also boasts of a high pixel density with individual calibration for colors.

Not surprisingly, this computer can be a dependable partner for anyone who seeks speed, efficiency and visual glory in one package. It has already stirred up significant excitement among the creative crowds, with filmmakers, photographers and animators keen to try it out. Only time will tell which other laptop makers come up with unique offerings to match this one!

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