Best Intel 12th Gen Ultrabooks For Professionals

best 12th gen ultrabooks

Intel’s 12th Gen Alder-lake processors have brought some significant improvements over their predecessors and after a couple of years of questionable reliability, you can finally buy Intel-powered ultrabooks without worrying about massive compromises. This time Intel is providing a wide range of laptop CPUs, with much higher core counts, and the new P-series to go … Read more

Google Cancelled the 2023 Pixelbook as a Cost-Cutting Measure

google cancelled 2023 pixelbook

Google will no longer release the next Pixelbook as the company has reportedly canceled the product and shut down the team responsible for the development. It was scheduled to launch sometime in 2023, and with this massive setback, the entire future of Pixelbooks comes under a huge question mark.   Google Canceled The Upcoming 2023 … Read more

Apple Delays iPadOS 16 Update Until October 2022

iPadOS 16 Update

Apple usually releases new versions of their iOS and iPadOS software alongside watchOS and tvOS, together, right after their iPhone launch event in September. However, this year they’re taking a bit of a detour as the iPadOS 16 update is going to be delayed until October, while the company focuses on iOS 16 at this … Read more

Dell XPS 13 Plus Displays Fall Off Due To Messed Up Quality Control

Dell XPS 13 Plus Displays Fall Off Due To Messed Up Quality Control

When Dell first took the wraps off their flagship 13-inch laptop earlier this year, it took the entire tech industry by surprise. The company made some bold moves like designing a gapless keyboard, removing the physical trackpad to replace it with a singular glass surface with motors underneath the trackpad area, and of course, thinning … Read more