Intel Core i9-13980HX To Come With 24 Cores and 5.6GHz Boost Clock

Intel’s 13-gen Mobile CPUs are expected to arrive early next month with the H/HX, U, and P-series of chips releasing altogether this time around. However, a new report claims that the upcoming flagship Intel Core i9-13980HX is on track to become the fastest laptop CPU in the world. Intel Core i9-13980HX – Fastest Mobile CPU … Read more

Apple’s Large 15.5-inch Macbook Air May Launch In 2023

We recently learned about an OLED Macbook Air which is likely to be launched in 2024. But before that, the company might finally launch a larger 15.5-inch Macbook Air. According to the display analyst and leaker Ross Young, Apple may launch the bigger Macbook Air next year. Bigger 15.5-inch Macbook Air Coming In 2023 According … Read more

Apple May Launch OLED Macbook Air and iPad Pros in 2024

Apple’s Macbook Air displays are currently suffering from a massive inferiority complex as the competition has been offering much better displays for much lower prices. However, faster and visually appealing OLED displays might be coming to the Macbook Air in 2024 alongside the iPad Pros. Apple’s Upcoming Macbook Air and iPad Pro Models Can Arrive … Read more

Bing Now Uses DALL-E 2 AI To Generate Images

DALL-E has been making all kinds of big headlines since it was revealed. The idea of generating entire images by just using words is fascinating and DALL-E seems to be leading the way in this field. Finally, its AI image-generation capabilities are coming to the general public, as Bing just launched its new AI Image … Read more

Microsoft Is Finally Testing A Built-in Screen Recorder For Windows 11

Windows 11 users have been asking for a built-in screen recorder for years now, and now after avoiding those suggestions for so long, Microsoft has finally started testing the feature. However, it’s probably not where you expected it to be. Instead of embedding it inside the operating system directly, Microsoft has made the feature a … Read more