How to Use iCloud Email with Outlook on Windows

use icloud email with outlook

Most aren’t familiar with Apple’s own email service with the iCloud domain. If you have created an Apple account with the iCloud domain, you can use the same email ID on Windows using the Outlook email app. Here’s how you can integrate and use an iCloud email with Outlook. Once you set up an iCloud … Read more

Top 8 Ways to Fix Screen Mirror Not Working in Windows 11

fix screen mirror not working in Windows 11

Are you trying to mirror Windows 11 PC to a monitor or smart TV and receiving errors in return? While gaming, presentation, or video playback on a bigger screen does make sense, errors like screen mirror not working in Windows 11 might spoil your mood. Let’s fix the issue. Many factors are at play here … Read more

Top 8 Ways to Fix Spotify Web Player Not Working

fix spotify web player not working

While Spotify offers native apps on Windows and Mac, most users opt for the web version due to convenience. But what if the Spotify web player fails to work in the first place? Read along to learn about the top eight ways to fix the Spotify web player not working issue. Spotify web player not … Read more

What Is about:blank or about:blank#blocked? How to Remove It?

what is about:blank in browser

Did you open Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser on desktop just to receive about:black status with an empty webpage? Before you freak out and start reinstalling the browser, let us stop you right there. There is nothing to worry about. Here’s what about:blank or about:black#blocked mean and a trick to remove it. What Is … Read more

How to See Wi-Fi Password in Windows 11

check Wi-Fi passwords in Windows 11

If you are not fond of using a password manager, it’s quite easy to forget the Wi-Fi password at home or office. The good news is, if you have connected your PC or laptop to a Wi-Fi network, you can easily view the saved Wi-Fi password in Windows 11 and share it with friends, family, … Read more