ASUS ProArt StudioBook Includes a Physical Dial to make your editing more precise

ASUS StudioBook 16 Launch Event

To develop the new ProArt StudioBook 16, Asus spent much effort into developing the specific requirements of professional content producers. Yes, laptops designed for creators must be equipped with discrete graphics and high-performance CPUs capable of handling video editing, picture retouching, and other tasks. What are your thoughts? Isn’t it true that laptops should optimize … Read more

Nvidia Broadcast App 1.3 Update Improves Quality of Audio

nvidia broadcast 1.3 update

Surely if you are into streaming, you might have heard about many third-party applications that help streamers go live. However, only a few selected daily streamers are aware of the fact that Nvidia too has an application for doing the same. Since now, it was something that many people didn’t prefer, since it was not … Read more

A Chromebook CPU Might Be Google’s Next Big Thing

google pixelbook go

It looks like Google is going on in a self-sufficient path very much like Apple. As reported, the future versions of the Chromebook might be powered by processors that are designed by Google itself. There is no need to say that it is indeed a move that is inspired by Apple itself. Ever since its … Read more

NVIDIA RTX 3060 Stock to Remain Low

nvidia rtx 3060 stock to remain low

This one is definitely bad news for many gamers as we are not only talking about the RTX 3060 but also RTX 3060Ti. Now, there is no surprise that ever since the brand started marketing its RTX 30-series, even before its launch, the fans, gamers, and designers have been quite excited about the next-generation of … Read more

Windows 11 For Older PCs: Here is What You Should Know

Windows 11 Hero Bloom Logo

There is no doubt that whenever there is a huge update in Windows, it automatically becomes a huge buzz around the world. Well, the same is the case with Windows 11, since Windows is the top operating system when it comes to a PC, a lot of people are eagerly waiting for it to release. … Read more