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ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550GE-XB71T Now Available on Amazon

If you are a Zenbook aficionado and enjoy using the stylish, powerful series of computers for personal and professional needs, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. Even if you haven’t tried using the Zenbook before, the new ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550GE-XB71T is captivating and compelling enough to become the perfect computing partner, travel companion and entertainment buddy.

ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550GE-XB71T Now Available on Amazon

The 15.6” beauty of a machine with an eighth generation Intel Core i7 processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics, a brilliant 4K UHD display, and distortion-free Harman Kardon Sound is now available on Amazon for $1,799.00.

Processing At Its Best

The new Zenbook offers stunning performance, thanks to its Intel i7-8750HK processor that can run up to 4.8GHz, 16GB of RAM (at 2133MHz), 512GB of memory (SSD), and a highly productive Windows 10 Professional operating system. The configuration lets you stay ahead of the curve, fulfilling all your tasks in record time and without glitches, even when you are multitasking. Part of the seamlessness of the performance emanates from its superior heat management mechanism: three heat pipes and intelligent cooling design.

Performance ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550GE-XB71T

The battery life for the high-performance computer is as much as 9.5 hours. The lithium-polymer battery (71Wh) is specially engineered to deliver an extended backup. What’s even better is that the fast charging technology of the machine will never let you be stranded—you can power up to 60 percent in only about 49 minutes.

Graphics: Gaming Grade, Brilliance: Infinite

At first sight, you take in all 15.6 inches of this beautiful, deep blue laptop with rose gold flourishes. But it is when you behold the UHD 4k display with a 3840 x 2160 screen resolution and support for viewing angles as sharp as 178° that the inner, dazzling beauty truly comes forth.

Display ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550GE-XB71T

This Zenbook is equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX1050Ti graphics card that has 4GB of dedicated memory. The result is brilliant graphics during A/V playback or gaming as well as splendid rendering during photo/video editing projects. The display experience is more immersive than ever—an 83 percent screen-to-body ratio—due to an incredibly thin bezel design. In fact, the bezel is thin enough to fit a 15.6” screen into the frame of a 14” laptop.

Accessibility, Connectivity & Ease of Use

It is amazingly straightforward and comfortable to use the solid-aluminum Zenbook Pro, whether you’re on the go or working out of a cubicle. The computer is fairly lightweight at 4.2 lbs, and its diamond-cut edge construction and spun-metal look give it a standout style. With a thickness of only 0.7” (measurements of 14.4 x 9.9 x 0.7”) and a keyboard that is both backlit and ergonomic (a thoughtful 1.5mm key distance), this is a highly portable machine.

Backlit keyboard ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550GE-XB71T

The ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550GE-XB71T has four inbuilt USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI, and a micro SD card reader. The USB ports include the spectacular Thunderbolt port making high-speed transfer and connecting to high-resolution displays (up to two 4K displays!) a breeze. For wireless connectivity, this Zenbook Pro supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi standards and Bluetooth 4.1.

Buy From Amazon

How often is it that you get performance, style and durability in one dazzling package? Look no further than the ASUS Zenbook Pro UX550GE-XB71T if those are the things you seek!

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