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ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe (UX490UA-IH74-BL) With Almost A Day Power

Power is the biggest concern when you choose to shift from desktop to living off the cord with laptop in hand. Your endeavors to work away, free from charging points can come to an indecent halt if the battery of the device fails you completely. Perhaps, this was the line of thinking adopted by the makers at ASUS while they designed ASUS Zenbook 3 Deluxe (UX490UA-IH74-BL) laptop.

ASUS ZenBook 3 Deluxe (UX490UA-IH74-BL)

Sleek in design and weighing only 2.4lbs, this laptop stands out in visual appeal. And to make it a complete solution for the users who do not want to compromise on any of their functional requirements, a variety of features are provided in the form of add-ons.

lightweight design asus zenbook 3 deluxe (ux490ua-ih74-bl)

Coming back to ASUS Zenbook 3 Deluxe (UX490UA-IH74-BL) being a power-efficient device, there are a number of changes made in previous versions to enable easy power management. A few are listed here:

Adjustable screen brightness: It is said that the back-lit screen requires a considerable amount of power. Consumption of power can be controlled by using power-saving settings and adjusting brightness as per requirement in this laptop.

14-inch display asus zenbook 3 deluxe (ux490ua-ih74-bl)

Efficient cooling system: Speedier processor mostly means consumption of more power and faster heat generation. The ASUS Zenbook 3 Deluxe (UX490UA-IH74-BL) comes with copper-alloy made heat pipe and liquid-crystal polymer fan. This enables faster cooling of device when made to work to the furthest limits.

Support for faster downloading: 512 GB SATA SSD and 16GB integrated memory helps download and stream content faster. Thus, you can download heftier files and more number of files per unit of power consumed. This is another power-saving feature provided in this laptop.

keyboard asus zenbook 3 deluxe (ux490ua-ih74-bl) Most dependable battery: You can go truly off the hook with ASUS Zenbook 3 Deluxe (UX490UA-IH74-BL) that has achieved the run time of 12 hours a day. The battery comes with 46WHr Li-ion material which does not last so easily, even when the laptop is put to work continuously throughout the day.

Faster i7 processor: 8th Gen Kabylake i7 processor finishes loads of work in no time. You can accomplish lot many units of work in the same given hours and that too, with no need of recharging. Moreover, when put to charge, the battery recharges up to 60% in less than an hour. So, you can enjoy the exceptional quality battery life and have truly wire-free experience at work or when you are away from home.

Less in-built ports: Whether you accept it or not, but every connecting port does come with signal and power loss element. So, to combat this problem, additional dongles (for USB 3.1 to USB 3.0 and likewise, for USB 3.1 to HDMI connections) instead of in-built ports are provided with this sleek notebook from ASUS.

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So, don’t compromise on comfort and convenience, try this amazing laptop from ASUS. Place your orders today online for ASUS Zenbook 3 Deluxe (UX490UA-IH74-BL) if your work requires you staying off the hook, or to enjoy freedom of working from anywhere.

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