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ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop Review

ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T is a 15.6-inch 2-in-1 Touchscreeen Laptop with an FHD resolution of 1920 x 1080. It is perfectly built and has the potential to manage daily activities and games. It has Windows 10 compatibility, high bandwidth interface, and a reasonable price, $599. The configuration includes Intel Core i3-7100U, 6GB DDR4 RAM, and 1TB HDD.

ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop Review

The ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T has a basic memory card reader useful for digital photography, four USB ports and a multitouch touchpad. It is compatible to use a router with the faster and latest standard. Connect to various peripheral devices with its HDMI out.

It is powered by a quad-core CPU, a backlit keyboard and a solid-state drive with optional stylus pen from Asus. Here, Asus pen stylus works with ease and precision. With its flexibility, you can take notes instinctively, work collaboratively and seamlessly, draw and write better.

Design & Display

The Full HD display has 1920 x 1080 resolutions for text to be regular while using productivity application such as Microsoft Office. In case you don’t desire to use the keyboard, the display delivers multi-touch function, so that you can easily tap, zoom and poke and use it in your way. Furthermore, on the different Windows version, the keyboard is quite responsive and work perfectly for typing as well as a touchpad.

design and display ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T

The VivoBook is mainly made of aluminum and plastic, but just the display lid is NanoEdge. Also, the main aluminum component here is the cover, the notebook’s system holds up entirely well to changing attempts. While the hardware is good, the base unit was pretty flexible and it would be better if the design would be more rigid and solid. The device does not highlight maintenance and the battery isn’t user-replaceable. In addition, you will not discover any irregularity which is a sign of an average built quality.

VivoBook is a quiet great convertible laptop and you will also enjoy while using it. It is good for gaming with 178 degrees horizontal and vertical viewing angle and 45 degrees NTSC color gamut built-in Asus Splendid Video Intelligence Technology.

It has built the Wi-Fi module having Dual Band Wireless-AC 8265 and maintains the first ac standard. The contrast ratio is very good however its normal maximum brightness is 250 nits. Well, one of the important benefits of the display is that it won’t show any PWM flickering.

The VivoBook Flip’s touchscreen is accurate and speedy and easily track the input while navigating the desktop or scribbling in MS Paint. It also has the ability to recognize the Window’s swipe gestures.

The Keyboard of ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T is fully functional and it works great for the user who needs to type regularly. Also, the touchscreen works flawlessly for high graphic design applications. It offers a faster performance with great internal memory storage.


It also has USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and Card reader as SD & MMC for hardware connectivity. It offers faster transfer rates that you need. Also, other positive factors present in VivoBook for easy connectivity are 802.11ac and Bluetooth 4.1. It can easily connect low energy Bluetooth products also familiar devices such as headphones, keyboard and much more.


Due to the presence of Asus SonicMaster technology, it produces somehow good sound, however, lack bass. It has a default music setting and other modes like Movie, Speech, and Gaming exaggerate one side of the range to the detriment the other.

Performance of ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T

performance of ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31TWith 7th Generation, Intel Core i3 processor and 6GB of RAM in the VivoBook Flip TP510UA enabled powerful multitasking. There will be no lag while splitting your screen multiple chrome tabs and a 1080p YouTube video. However, updating the laptop is not an easy task.

Store multiple applications and open simultaneously all without hitting the performance block. The RAM is shared with their integrated graphics which can be considered as an advantage here.

VivoBook has the capability to never get restlessly hot. It has the heat gun which has the potential to accumulate temperatures on the keyboard, touchpad, and underside.

VivoBook has an integrated Intel HD Graphics 620 with base frequency 300 MHz and maximum frequency 1.05 GHz. It also helps to enhance the display compatibility.

Battery Lifespan

Asus Vivobook has an extended battery lifespan; therefore you don’t search for power outlets every hour while doing any activity on the laptop. It can hold battery charge up to 5 to 7 hours depending on the usage. Overcharging can damage the battery and decrease the lifespan. Hence, VivoBook has an extended lifespan.

battery lifespan ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T

The laptops are connected to a solid power-brick where it will take nearly 2 hours of time for getting fully charged while using the device less.

Final Verdict

Hence, let’s bring ASUS VivoBook Flip TP510UA-RH31T 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop to a successful wrapping up. Well, Asus did a quite good work by building the laptop intelligently and of light weight which is easy to carry from one place to another.

The laptop has the full potential to get used for different works. The convertible feature makes it very useful for assisting the professional aspect and mobile presentations. Though it lacks color accuracy which dissatisfied expert media editors, the FHD screen is great for everyone.

If you are searching for a really portable laptop within the given price range, the Asus VivoBook certainly works. You will not have any trouble with carrying it out whole the day. With a sleek metal finish, it absolutely looks attractive. Also, usability and connectivity impress more. Available on Amazon.

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  1. ASUS VivoBook Flip 15 TP510UA-RH31T. Purchased May 8th, 2018. Expected two years use. Stock keyboard, back light quit by January, 2019. Warranty replacement. As of May 15th, 2019, random keys on this replacement keyboard have quit. No replacements available for purchase. ASUS states “IT IS A KNOWN ISSUE” with these keyboards, yet they offer no further support.
    $800 paperweight since it cannot be used as designed. I also sank a 1 terabyte SanDisk Ultra 3D NAND SSD & 16GB of memory into this fully expecting a truly great notebook for some years to come. Quick as an Android or iOS device with these upgrades, but without a keyboard it’s an overweight tablet a secondary bluetooth keyboard has to be used with…..


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