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ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71 Thin and Lightweight Laptop Review

ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71 laptop combines convenience and functionality with good looks. This awesome laptop is perfect for daily work and entertainment needs. It offers a portable alternative for work, play and for enjoying music or movies while on the move. This laptop fits the bill when you want a quality product without exceeding the budget beyond $800.

ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71 Thin and Lightweight Laptop Review

CPU processor and graphics processor

The ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71 Laptop is a performance-oriented laptop deriving its endless energy from 8th Generation Intel Core i7-8550U processor with up to 4.0GHz Turbo Boost. This heavy duty processor imparts this laptop exceptionally fast computing power making it one of the deadliest machines around. Capable of doing multiple tasks and of enabling easy data transfers, this laptop never reports hanging up or slowed down performance.

Performance ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71

The laptop has won the hearts due to terrific quality pictures and graphics supported by GeForce MX130 graphics that can bring pictures to life and make the whole viewing experience an unforgettable one. Eye-catching images flowing butter smooth without interruption is the best output made possible by GeForce graphics. Good for animation, VR and games, this high power graphics processor 2GB of dedicated type make this laptop good deal for gamers and video lovers.

Memory and Storage

Get more data downloaded per unit of power consumed using AUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71 laptop bestowed with 8GB DDR4 RAM. The user can employ all possible resources to stay connected and still the laptop does not feel burdened due to the awesome RAM capacity that takes multi-functionality to another level.

1TB HDD storage is unending in true sense and allows user to bring on board as many documents, research items, graphics application and other heftier work tools to create an accomplished work environment. Such storage space makes this laptop true work support while on the go.

There is no optical drive as this feature is certainly irrelevant in the present scheme of things where all material is readily available over the web which can be stored safely in the hard drive.

Display ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71

ASUS VivoBook display is its brightest spot. It is having the genius of NanoEdge display technology that makes this display worth sticking to for long without straining the eyes. The display runs wide; a 15.6” FHD resolved to 1920x1080p fits in negligible 0.3” Nano bezel brings more of the matter to eyes. With the display occupying more than 80% of the whole body, the laptop stands apart in its stunning appeal and mind-blowing visual output.

Ports and Wireless connectivity options

Sides of the laptop are studded with wired connectivity ports like USB 3.1 Type-C (Gen1), USB 3.0, USB 2.0, and HDMI that make this laptop capable of bringing a complete workstation on your desk. You can enjoy extra HDMI output, connect with numerous experience enhancing peripherals and add-ons or convert the laptop into gaming console and so many other things. USB Type-C connector slot designed ‘any way up’ offers unmatched convenience and helps laptop connect with the device faster and error-free.

connectivity ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71

Not only connecting with the devices, but also the laptop can allow super fast connectivity with broadband using 802.11ac Wi-Fi that helps downloading the content from the web without any interruption or congestion.

Operating System

This laptop delivers unmatched performance and offers exceptional user-friendliness with its Windows 10 operating system. The functional excellence of the laptop is supported by virtual assistant, voice command facility and other advanced features that help the user stay organized and accomplish all other chores apart from work.

Audio and Video

Exceptionally immersive sound powered by ASUS SonicMaster adds to the exceptional user experience. The coordinated working of the hard and soft tools creates an audio support that offers professional-level experience not so easy to stay away from.  More sound, less disturbance and added clarity can make the movie experience conspicuously exceptional and helps enjoy music and games to the best.

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User has more control over video as there are four options – Normal, Manual, Eye-care and Vivid – made available to choose from. So, depending upon the lighting conditions, the video output can be set for an unmatched experience. The laptop exhibits intelligence in visual display due to ASUS Tru2Life Video technology that optimizes the sharpness of pictures according to the content being displayed. So, whatever you download, it just looks great on this laptop no matter where it is sourced from.


Backlit Keyboard ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71 laptop User finds the perfect match for his speed in the chiclet keyboard that has touch pad and ergonomic keys. The fast travel time and soft touch keys allow you working on it as sophisticatedly as desired. The keyboard has black key area and it is surrounded by contrast colored body that gives this laptop a majestic look.

Other Physical Features

ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71 is exceptionally thin and weighs only 3.8lbs. Its compactness is certainly its positive point and adds to its portability. Thus, it is a treat to carry it wherever you go and user finds it great to work on it because of the welcoming appeal it oozes from its every inch. So, the user gets to enjoy the sturdiness of a heavy duty laptop in exceptionally compact piece of architectural brilliance.

Design ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71

It measures 14.2 x 9.6 x 0.8 inches and sits stylishly on the lap as well as can be used as component for workstation.

There is 1 Lithium ion battery provided with the laptop. The battery life goes up to 10 hours for the lighter works, but can drain fast during streaming and game plays.

Specs of ASUS VivoBook F510UF-ES71
Processor Intel Core i7-8550U Quad-core (up to 4.0 GHz)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce MX130 2GB
Storage 1TB HDD
Display 15.6″ Full-HD NanoEdge


The quality product need not cost you $1000 and above. This is what this laptop from ASUS VivoBook series conveys beautifully. Priced below $800, the laptop is certainly a treat to buy and possess. Though its battery life may be a matter of concern, but all its features are fully supportive of fast working capacity of the user.

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Use of the best quality processor, inclusion of humongous storage and state-of-the-art features like technologically advanced audio, graphics, and visuals offer complete package to the buyer.

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