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ASUS VivoBook F505ZA-DB31 Cheap Laptop Review

ASUS VivoBook F505ZA-DB31 cheap laptop is an ideal work companion that is designed using the most reliable components. Its stylish make and vivid functionality features offer perfect setting for a workaholic to extract more off the work hours. The machine is aptly designed for entertainment and live streaming too.

ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31 Cheap Laptop Review


The ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31 is performance unleashed. It derives its unending power from the latest generation AMD Ryzen processor having refresh rate of 3.4GHz and is empowered with R3-2200U technology. Thus, you can bring on as many hours of work and as many bytes of data to process and this device does everything with unmatchable ease.

Performance ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31 Cheap Laptop

The most suitable feature of this processor is that it is silent and keeps its cool even when the device is pushed to its limits. Thus, ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31 is more available in actual sense offering uninterrupted and quality working to the user.

Graphics Processor

The graphics card is integrated type and has exceptional capacity for delivering razor sharp images. The technology of AMD Radeon Vega 3 brings cinema-like fun to the screen and offers startling details in graphics and pictures to the viewer. This graphics processor is ideal for multimedia ventures and supports fast downloading of images, videos etc with added clarity.

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The ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31 comes with matte finish display and is Full HD type. The screen is super sleek and resolved to 1366 x 768p that offers suitable output support for the mind-blowing graphics processor it is empowered with. ASUS Splendid Software enhancements are also provided in the display technique to offer customized experience to the user.

Display ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31

The buyer can enjoy the flexibility of setting the display at either of the choices – manual, eye care, vivid and normal – just like you do in TV settings. Thus, the display can work just according to the content and lighting settings of the surroundings. It measures 15.6” offering close to desktop convenience to the user.


The Keyboard is super stylish and quite supportive of fast and strain-free working at the same time. The device is available in golden shade in which the keys are contrast colored to black. Thus, it oozes engagement in is every inch.

Keyboard ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31

Fast travel time and keys passing the millions of press test make this input device your long lasting support demanding nothing from you in return. You surely, however, can show care by not spilling anything on it!

RAM and Storage

This device is a speedster, thanks to its 16GB DDR4 RAM that supports huge data downloading and multiple application processing in minimal time span. This device is ever hungry for data and content due to the presence of 1TB SSH drive empowered with FireCuda technology.

Thus, the storage works fast, does supports speedy carrying out of all daily tasks related to computing and also makes video and animation downloading possible in the least possible time. Thus, you work more, consume less power and still find this device agile even after hours of working as its capacity has been tremendously increased by its makers.

Wireless Connectivity and Ports

There is Wi-Fi slot designed as per 802.11ac standard that supports lightning fast downloading and keeps the device connected even in the busiest of internet traffic hours. This device has mechanism for optimizing the bandwidth so that faster content deliver can be enjoyed by the user.

Connectivity ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31 laptop

The marvels of connectivity touch the higher levels of sophistication with 1x Audio-in and Headphone-out Combo Jack, 2 – USB 2.0, 1 – USB 3.0, 1 – USB 3.1 Type C Gen 1 ports along with Multimedia card reader of SD type. There is HDMI display port also available to add another screen for multitasking or just for displaying the content in some catchier platform like big HD display. USB 3.1 Type C connector is reversible type offering you the fastest possible support for connecting in a nick of the moment.

Thus, this device is a wholesome connectivity device that you can use for creating a workstation of your own; it surely won’t disappoint!


The whole body is fit into a 0.9” slim port that adds to its sleekness, and is sturdy yet. It has surpassed all the tests of durability and rough use. It is surely an eye-catcher with its unique body color and key color combination. Thus, this laptop is sturdy inside and a beauty marvel with the designers looks at the outside. It slim body adds to the portability of its footprint and makes it extremely easy to carry.

Immersive audio for quality lovers

Sonicmaster audio ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31 The audio of this device gets the backing of ASUS SonicMaster which is a complete and rare combination of tuning, software and hardware that can together create a delightful output. Feel the content as it goes on the screen. This is what seems to be the motto of this audio technology. The output characterizes finer bass and the expanse of the audio is mesmerizing too.

Operating System

This device comes pre-loaded with Windows 10 (64bit) operating system that adds another element to the multitasking capabilities of this laptop. You get Cortana, the virtual assistant, cloud applications, extra applications and much more to enjoy an incomparable work and fun experience!

Battery Life

You can work literally off the hook throughout the office hours of 10 hours, as the battery never goes down. The ASUS healthy charging technology offers the battery the amazing lifespan support and the user gets to enjoy uninterrupted working for hours in wire-free environment.

Verdict – ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31

Priced at $499, this laptop from ASUS is excellent in quality and most reliable in working. Its body oozes sophistication and the internal core is sturdiness exemplified. The laptop offers complete connectivity solution and enables the user to enjoy the best of everything by allowing bringing in all experience enhancing devices connectible through ports.

Specs of ASUS Vivobook F505ZA-DB31
Processor AMD Dual-Core R3-2200U (up to 3.4 GHz)
Graphics AMD Radeon Vega 3
Storage 1TB SSHD FireCuda
Display matte 15.6″ Full-HD

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