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ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91 Laptop Review

The new ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91 sounds promising by having an AMD dual-core processor and an integrated graphics wrapped in a classy case. The price is also affordable. You can use it as a laptop for all situations. The laptop is designed in a way to provide an extremely appealing multimedia experience with its powerful features.

ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91 Laptop Review

Asus is one of many manufacturers of laptops in the world. ASUS offers the best blend of worth and performance of any other laptop brand. In addition, ASUS is a flexible laptop manufacture offering top-notch laptop models. With the launch of an extensive number of laptops every year, ASUS offers VivoBook F441BA Laptop as one of its latest releases in 2018.

It offers the hardware with a quite reasonable price and the laptop is appropriate for professionals as well as students. The laptop runs Windows 10 well and is perfect for working with MS office application, image as well as video editing and web browsing. The laptop is packed with powerful features, amazing battery life, and a premium & light-weight design.

Though it is not having a standard laptop size as 15.6 inches, yet, 14 inches doesn’t make a big difference either when compared to viewing angle however, it does make some difference in the overall weight of your laptop. Let us have a closer look at the new release from ASUS.

Design and Display

ASUS is always well-known for its fascinating design across its portfolio from the past few years.  ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91 is 14 inches Full HD laptop which can be considered as an ideal size to carry the device constantly. It has a 1920 x 1080 display resolution which is best for streaming services and watching videos. Being 1.1 inches thin and having a weight of 3.9 lbs, it’s a lightweight design. ASUS has used brushed finish texture with metallic feel on this laptop. Hence, the company has successfully offered a premium look.

Display ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91

Certainly, the Windows-based competitor’s laptop comes with better screen resolutions; however, the experience is somehow different. The VivoBook F441BA is capable of offering better than that of others. The screen presents a clear view of LED-Lit technology and best suits for watching HD videos or editing images or videos.

The ASUS eye care has the ability to protect your eyes as most of the LED devices can cause retinal problems but the Eye Care mode in ASUS decrease blue light levels and protect your eye drowsiness.


Certainly one of the fascinating aspects of VivoBook F441BA is AMD A9-9420 Dual Core Processor. It is having high maximum boost up to 3.6 GHz. It integrates both CPU and GPU to perform the tasks. The APU involves an integrated Radeon R5 graphics. The CPU is an excellent option for light and thin laptops having better cooling capacities.

Additionally, the laptop is having 1,000GB hard drive more than the previous model of ASUS having 256GB. It helps VivoBook to boot very fast and initiates Windows 10 apps quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, the laptop holds 8GB DDR4 RAM which is well-known for low power consumption high data transfer speed. It offers the users a green and warm feeling. We must say that this technology is available in this laptop at a reasonable price range.


However, it is quite easy to type comfortably for more time and has fine key travel but the keyboard doesn’t have backlit. The key layout is quite direct, although the arrow keys are positioned a bit higher and shift key is bit smaller.


connectivity ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91

Most of the lightweight laptops have the connectivity below satisfactory. But, VivoBook F441BA-ES91 has given enough ports for performing regular tasks. It involves HDMI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 Type C (gen 1), VGA, LAN Jack and DVD drive. The port has been placed in a good and comfortable place so that one can use a wired mouse. You can have wireless communication through Bluetooth 4.0 and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

Performance ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91

You can use any type of application on VivoBook and you won’t be disappointed. You can easily play heavy graphics games and open multiple tabs in different browsers without facing any performance issue.

performance ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91

With the help of AMD A9-9420 Dual Core Processor, it stands somewhere in between the latest core i5 processor and older Skylake processor. Moreover, with 8GB of RAM, the system can perform many tasks in a suitable manner. The battery life will perform extremely good in both works as well as college. The average standard of the battery is between 7 to 8 hours; however, it may differ depending on usage.

The USB Type-c port enables an ideal connection all the time. You can easily transfer the data with a 5Gbps of transfer speed. So, transfer large video files, images and music in few minutes. It ensures more compatibility with multiple devices and peripherals.

Final Verdict

ASUS VivoBook F441BA-ES91 Laptop is a great option for those on the go. It is lighter than the traditional model having 15.6 inches. The SSD drive boosts the performance and the processor offers a performance and it can be regarded as an additional benefit with an affordable price.

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However, sometimes for gamers, it may lack in the performance but others will find it very much useful and can perform their regular tasks easily.

The laptop is available at around $445 on Amazon and remains on the top lists of the newly release laptop because of its lightweight design, high performance, crisp and stunning visuals, immersive entertainment, decent battery life, competitive and wide keyboard with numeric keypad. Hence, as a buyer, one needs to know what exactly the features they need in their laptop in order to support their activities effectively.


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