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ASUS Vivobook Classic M3400Q Leaked Before Launch

asus vivobook series

While there have been speculations and floating rumors surrounding the launch of the ASUS Vivobook Classic M3400Q, the device has already been leaked before its official launch, suggesting the device will come with a PANTONE-validated display.

With more and more users inclining and emphasizing more on the importance of a well-equipped display in the laptop, it isn’t surprising that brands are coming together to make the overall experience a lot more accommodating for the consumers.

asus vivobook classic m3400q pantone validation
Source: Pantone

Pantone provides the users with a universal language when it comes to color-critical decisions for steady workflow of the designers, creators and manufacturers across the globe. Pantone has been providing the users and tech brands with global and familiar color system across vertical markets and industries.

Integrating a Pantone display in a device enables the users with a professional edge for superior performance and enhanced color systems.

The new ASUS VivoBook Classic M3400Q, which was supposed to be launched in the later part of 2021 has been leaked before its official launch. Aside from the M3400Q mode, two other models have been added to the list of devices from the brand.

asus vivobook classic m3400q leaked

Although not much has been revealed about the device, initial reports suggest that the device is going to be integrated with 8GB RAM for memory options and seamless multitasking. This further insinuates that the device will likely feature a mid-range price point.

The device is going to feature one storage slot with higher efficiency rate in terms of the internal power supply. Also, the minimum loading cycles were recorded at 300 at this point with minimal noise levels at 24.87, which is pretty impressive for a device of this calibre.

There are no mentions about the overall construction and design of the device in the leaks, which is quite disappointing, however, chances are that ASUS is going to feature its standard and high-quality design.

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