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ASUS VivoBook 14 F412DA Laptop Review

When scouting for everyday portable laptops, VivoBooks come instantly to mind. The newest ASUS VivoBook 14 F412DA laptop is a 14-inch device committed to powerful computing on the go, hand in hand with visual glory. The latter is achieved through a thin bezel design that is capable of making all the imagery captivating and realistic. ASUS claims this VivoBook 14 is the “world’s smallest colorful 14-inch Ultrabook”. When you behold this handy little device and admire its lightweight chassis (3.3lbs or 1.5kg) and lean profile (0.78”), this claim rings completely true. Adding a generous dose of glamour is the interesting range of color options—from classic grey to vibrant orange.

asus vivobook 14 f412da laptop

But what is even more enchanting is this laptop’s readiness to astound: it is powered by an AMD Ryzen and dual storage (SSD). So, basically, it silences anyone who believes that compact laptops cannot be efficient.

Let us review the features of the most recent ASUS VivoBook 14 to understand what audiences can look forward to once it becomes widely available.

Top-notch Processing for Everyday Computing

Fuelling this laptop is an AMD Ryzen 5/3 processor supported by 4GB RAM and dual storage of 256GB/128GB SSD and 500GB/1TB SATA HDD. The dual storage is a smart processing choice for it offers you the best of both worlds—rapid loading and booting as well as abundant storage capacity for your data, videos, and documents. Overall, these specs can definitely do justice not only to day-to-day tasks but also more intensive pursuits like multimedia editing and some amount of gaming. You should feel comfortable while multitasking, say browsing the internet while working on lengthy spreadsheets on the side.

performance asus vivobook 14 f412da

The operating system—Windows 10 Pro—is professional and secure, boosting your productivity with an array of specially designed tools and provisions. What about the battery backup? Well, the lithium-polymer battery claims to be ideal for “all-day” computing. To its merit, it employs the ASUS Battery Health Charging technology which prevents overcharging and expands the lifespan up to three times. It also charges rapidly—up to 60% in 49 minutes—which is another advantage for those who seek unplugged usage.

Bonus: This laptop comes with an inbuilt fingerprint sensor (in conjunction with Windows Hello). So, you can access your system using touch and do away with the need to key in a password. Quite a secure gift while working in collaborative environments!

Slim Bezel Display with Terrific Immersion

This laptop has a beautiful narrow bezel display that expands on the available screen space to render your multimedia content. In fact, the borders are only 5.7mm (or 0.22”) thick, effecting a screen-to-body ratio that is as high as 87%. The monitor also supports a wide viewing angle of up to 178-degrees. This lets you enjoy the proceedings without distortion from multiple viewing positions.

display asus vivobook 14 f412da

Notably, the acoustics are exemplary. The ASUS SonicMaster technology blends well with the larger speakers, resonance chambers and amplifiers to generate accurate sound.

Portable, Hinge-Based Design

Evidently, this VivoBook is designed for users who need to travel extensively (read students, professionals, travelers). It also aims to fulfil the needs of anyone who demands a sturdy but versatile device that can accompany them on their day.

design asus vivobook 14 f412da

Accomplishing this mission is this VivoBook’s hinge-based design (ErgoLift) that elevates the keyboard to a typing position that is convenient for you. This makes it easy to operate it even when you are working out of a shaky bus or train. Also, it holds the display at a comfortable angle, guaranteeing you a cozy and productive screen experience every single time.

backlit keyboard asus vivobook 14 f412da

Talking about the keyboard in general, you are likely to find it satisfactory, especially for a laptop committed to mobility. The full-purpose keyboard is backlit to allow you to work even in lowly lit conditions. A key-travel distance of 1.3mm makes it easy to type without straining your fingers. Also, since the keyboard is torture tested up to 10,000K taps, durability is assured.

The overall footprint of this laptop is much smaller than older models—thanks in part to the almost frameless design and the carefully considered construction. Effectively, it should occupy less space on your table (or lap) while offering as much or more computing muscle.

colors asus vivobook 14 f412da

Talking of which, this laptop will look good wherever you place it—the choice of color options is incredible. While you can opt for the classic grey or silver, those who love to experiment and stand out in a crowd might fall head over heels for the “peacock blue” and the “coral crush.” The blue, especially, is a novel choice: it is iridescent and changes color when beheld from different angles.

Device Support & Connectivity

Quick observation: no sweat in this department. The laptop is well-endowed with provisions to connect to devices and peripherals as well as hop onto the internet. A reversible USB-Type C port accompanies the more commonplace USB 3.1 Gen ports, USB 2.0 ports, an HDMI, and a microSD card reader.

connectivity asus vivobook 14 f412da

The computer also supports 802.11ac Wi-Fi (dual band, up to 867Mbps). An HD camera placed on the top bezel lets you connect with friends, peers or colleagues.

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The Long and Short of It

As life becomes more challenging by the minute, encompassing long hours at work, extensive travel, and multipurpose gadgets, our laptops need to rise to the occasion—and fast. The ASUS VivoBook 14 F412DA laptop is a good mix of processing force and pleasing graphics suitable for multiple needs at the office, school or home.

This computer brings to the table a flexible, hinge-based design, ample connectivity options, and a display that is satisfying for various forms of content. The highlight is definitely the lightweight but reliable build that allows users to lug the machine along without feeling weighed down. As far as VivoBooks go, this device does a neat job of maintaining—and upholding—the tradition of dependable, portable computing.

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  1. Costco lists this exact model on its website at 599.99, but with the AMD Ryzen R5-3500U Processor. Is that a Costco-specific model, or is it possible ASUS changed the specs after your review was posted? Considering this model for our son going into his freshman year of college. We had good luck with the Acer Spin 5 for our older son, but it’s no longer being sold by Costco (which we prefer due to the extended warranty they provide).

  2. I’ve seen this at Walmart but it says it is 8GB of ram and 256 gig hard drive. However everywhere (including here) says 4GB of ram which can be upgraded to 12GB. I cannot find anywhere but there saying otherwise. Any clue if this is a Walmart exclusive? I need it for photo editing and possibly games such as Franchise hockey manager 6. I have a gaming desktop but something to bring on the road or even use in the living room would be nice.


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