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ASUS Unveils the new logo for TUF Gaming Devices

new Asus TUF gaming logo 2020

ASUS recently announced the change of their latest TUF gaming logo for expanding mission for their new range of the PC gaming series that demand better durability, stability and great value. This transformed logo of the TUF gaming devices is likely going to complement the overall gaming experience for enabling what’s to come.

The very first device that is going to feature this new logo is the ASUS TUF Gaming NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3000 series graphics cards.

It is also likely going to integrate a new family design language that is likely going to come around in 2021. This will feature in some of the upcoming motherboards, PCs, graphics cards, keyboards, cases etc.

The new logo of the TUF gaming devices is done to fulfill the need of the expanding mission. This product series is likely going to feature a few different ranges of products that cater to a wider range of diverse audience. Not only for the younger individuals, this also works for the seasoned veterans.

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To further accelerate the growth of the TUF gaming product series, this new logo brings modern simplicity with sharp angles and clean lines.

The logo has simplistic geometric designs that are carefully aligned to further reinforced dependability and stability which is what defines the meaning of the TUF gaming series.

Even with the change in the logo, it is likely that the foundation of the TUF gaming series and products won’t be changing anytime soon. Each device is programmed with the latest features and functions, enabling better stability and durability in the end. It also features some unique designs and distinctive style along with extrinsic gaming features.

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