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ASUS Unveils ExpertBook P5440-54-SHD with BIOS-SHIELD

If you have been on the Internet lately, it is likely that you will know of the security breaches some of the most reputable companies have been facing. Addressing those asus expertbook p5440-54-shd needs, ASUS unveiled their new ExpertBook P5440-54-SHD with BIOS-SHIELD to streamline and enhance the user’s security on the desktop device.

The integration of the Janus’s Bio Shield Technology in the new ExpertBook by ASUS has been developed for the business officials in the customer demographics of this tech giant. Both the companies have tied together to further help the small and the big companies to further strengthen their PC security and the associated management needs.

asus expertbook bios shield

The ExpertBook P5440-54-SHD is the first in the P series which has been integrated with the BIOS-SHIELD technology. While the device has already been programmed with some of the best features that help churn productivity and improved functions, the integration of the BIOS-SHIELD is further going to help boost the encryption and security of the device.

This will provide with better defense against the cyber threats and help improve the functions unlike anything else. The security system has been added through virtualization of the operating system and helps block any potential threat in the form of malicious software to further keep your data protected.

asus expertbook p5440-54-shd

The integrated BIO-SHIELD further helps uncouple the tie amidst the operating system and the hardware, improving the network security management and the overall security of the PC as well.

asus expertbook p5440-54-shd Sofin Raskin, CEO of Janus Technologies Inc., suggested saying that they are very elated in working and collaborating with ASUS on this project. Raskin further said that with the constant growth in technology and while businesses are in the process of leveraging mobility, this new security technology is believed to help provide the users with easy access to their data without the fear of their devices being corrupted at any time.

Apart from the standard BIOS-SHIELD security technology, this new collaboration also allows the business professionals to opt for the BIOS-SHIELD cloud management subscription service which is going to be demonstrated for the first time at the RSA Conference this year. The cloud management system is believed to further help the users manage their data from anywhere across the world and even ensure better saving of the storage and keep everything encrypted.

For the users who are interested in witnessing a demo of the BIOS-SHIELD technology before they are convinced enough to by the ASUS Expertbook P5440-54-SHD, the brand will be at the RSA Conference 2020 which is going to happen in San Francisco from 24th to 27th February. They are going to be at the Booth #4529 in the North Expo. The people who are interested can stop by their stall and ask for a live demo to get a better understanding of how things work.

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