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ASUS TUF FX505DT-EB73 Gaming Laptop Review

The ASUS TUF FX505DT-EB73 is a new age productivity machine that is designed to get you a whole new range of experience. The laptop is built with precision that aims at providing top-notch performance as well as a perfect console gaming experience.

asus tuf fx505dt-eb73 gaming laptop reviewASUS has been a reputed name in the gaming laptop industry, and all of its products have given the users ultimate gaming involvement with all its other gaming laptop series. Now its time to get into one more remarkable product that is just a bit away from your hands.

Point’s Table; It’s incredible.

The ASUS TUF FX505DT-EB73 is one of the powerful laptops from the house of ASUS. It is designed to give an ultimate range of gaming experience accompanied by a right everyday machine.

The computer is powered by the latest Windows 10 operating system from Microsoft. You might be thinking, who cares about the operating system in a gaming laptop? May be no one. So, let’s hear something interesting.

The ASUS TUF FX505DT-EB73 comes with an NVIDIA graphics card. It’s not just an NVIDIA, but it’s the 16-series GeForce GTX 1650 card. This is a Ryzen 73750H processor, and it is powered mammoth graphics driver.

amd ryzen 7 processor asus tuf fx505dt-eb73

It has also got a DDR4 8 GB Main Memory and 512 GB SSD. So, when you have a significant amount of power booster, you can just any high-end graphics games and at the same time carry on with your everyday corporate crusades.

Not only all these, but ASUS also aims at getting you connected to the faster connectivity options. So, this laptop features one of the speedier Wi-Fi standards available in recent times – Gigabit Wave 2. This is Wi-Fi which claims genuinely incredible numbers. The data transfer rates can be as high as 1.7 Gbps.

keyboard asus tuf fx505dt-eb73

Last but not least, the gaming range of laptops are always seen featuring a backlit keyboard. And the gamers are very harsh on them too. To top-up that, ASUS provides the best basic set on the laptop, with rated durability of 20-million keystrokes. One thing that ASUS misses out is the changing colors of the keyboard. The backlit keyboard is white. This might be a thumbs down, but more capabilities cope up this.

Vision; It’s Vivid.

The ASUS TUF gaming series laptops feature a vivid and vibrant display. Being powered by the mammoth Ryzen 7 processor and GeForce GTX series 16 graphics cards, every small bit of the game looks excellent in 15.6-inch 120Hz FHD screen.

display asus tuf fx505dt-eb73

It is highly capable of handling all the up to the minute-high end graphics filled games with ease. The laptop is reliable and stable to outcast every competitor of it.  The ASUS TUF comes with a durable rated chassis that helps in dust reduction.

Moreover, it also features an anti-dust cooling fan for the very first time. This cooling and dust free aid, keeps the laptop moving ahead for a long time with no heating issues and letting you get the most out of every game you love.

design asus tuf fx505dt-eb73

The ASUS TUF gets the Nano Edge design. This design has stretched the bezels making more space for the screen. This augments the viewing experience and brings more immersion to the whole gaming package. What more do you need, when you have wide viewing angles with vivid displays and colors in their real sense? Well, the answer would be some games to play.

When authority is accompanied by Portability

Everyone wants to be a hero in their story and the games, one plays, and it is definite to have authority over their counterparts. With this laptop, you would not only be influencing the games but also an authority on its working.

In the ASUS TUF series gaming laptops power is just matted to the portability. It is a perfect mixture of strength and intuitiveness. You need to keep feeding the laptop with up to date drivers, and the computer would at all the times give you an enhanced experience of gaming.

The expertise of GeForce is one of the ultimate gaming experiences one can have. It gets a wide range of connectivity options. If you wish to add some more peripherals for an indulging and connected gaming experience, then you can plug in whatever device you need.

ports asus tuf fx505dt-eb73

It features a number of I/O ports and an HDMI 2.0 connectivity. With this laptop, you get a DTS headphone that comes with the trademark X technology to deliver the next level listening experience.

The headphones are capable enough to provide high-fidelity surround sound effect of 7.1 channel.  The ASUS TUF series gaming laptops come with a 1 Lithium Polymer battery that aims at giving a much longer power backup.

So, you can forget your chargers at your home and still play games. The main thing related to portability is the weight. ASUS has also maintained to restrict the weight of this mammoth low. It weighs 4.85 pounds. It’s a gaming laptop boss.

The new-fangled and new-age solution

The components of your laptop are the most delicate things in one place. Though the external casing is made durable to withstand harsh working and gaming conditions, the internal components are at all the times susceptible to damage due to the heating and dust particles.

The ASUS TUF series laptops are designed to have a durable chassis that can withstand all your tortures, and at the same time, it comes with the state-of-the-art cooling solution. The computer features an innovative cooling system that keeps the dust away from entering into the case.

The dust particles are kept at a distance from the base employing two devoted tunnels. When proper ventilation is allowed, the laptops immunity keeps growing.

The End Note

If you are a gaming buff, then this is your product. There are several configurations available too. If you want to add some more power to your gaming, then you can also check them out and start gaming with fun. Well, you can also check some of its competitors, but games were never better anywhere than ASUS.

ProcessorAMD Ryzen 7 3750H Quad-Core
GraphicsNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 4GB
Memory8GB DDR4 RAM
Storage512GB NVMe SSD
Display15.6-inch FHD (1920x1080) 120Hz IPS
Weight4.85 pounds
Operating SystemWindows 10 Home

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