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ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74 Gaming Laptop Review

If there is a gamer within you, then boom, you have hit the right target. ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74 is the one you must craving about. A Windows 10 machine featuring excellent gaming attributes completely defines ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74. Anti-dust cooling is a big boost to this system helping the gamers with an extended life. Another striking feature of ASUS TUF FX504GM is that it is implanted with The Ultimate Force. The design is just perfectly built to mount a lot of fear in the rival’s eyes.

ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74 Gaming Laptop Review

Let’s take a look at the striking features which exclusively make this gaming machine a MUST buy:

The functions and performance are thumbs up without a doubt and all the credit goes to high-frequency 16GB DDR4 2666MHz RAM. The exclusive combination of 1TB hard drive and 256GB PCIe SSD will not stop you from the smoothest gaming experience.

The speed of data transfer notching as high as 1.7 Gbps, is exclusively boosted 11ac Wave 2.

Multitasking was never so easy with the attributes of NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 graphics and 8th-Generation Intel Core i7-8750H processor. It will exclusively allow you to play all the latest games without even a second of fuss.

In the family of TUF gaming systems, FX504GM-ES74 is the first laptop which stands out with lightweight and longevity.

Featuring one of the quickest Wi-Fi configurations, FX504GM-ES74 is infused with Intel 802.

The keyboard will certainly be making your experience to another level with its red-backlit attribute and the durability of around 20-million keystrokes.

Performance ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74 Power To Perform

Well, as a gaming machine, it is very important to look at the intellectual performance of the system which allows you to have the best experience. The combination of 6GB NVIDIA GTX 1060 graphics with 8th Intel Core i7 processor, certainly gets you near to your best gaming experience with power pack performance.

I would certainly rate this a great choice for the ones who are looking to fulfill their gaming needs at a specific budget. Well, with multitasking it is certainly up there, as you can work for your school with listening to music at the same time, you can also shift to gaming and that too will not showcase any difficulty. So, an ultimate choice for someone who likes to work on a number of things on the go.

Enhanced Lifespan With Upgraded Cooling Technology

Anti-dust technology With 12v dual fans certainly standouts in this machine. Undoubtedly it is the heart of the ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74 with which the performance of the system is just taken to another level. The biggest boost with this technology you will be getting is the stable performance for high-graphics gaming.

Improve cooling technology ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74

The lifespan certainly gets a thumbs up with no problem too long gaming timings and it is because of the HyperCool technology. You will be able to play graphics-intensive games without any stoppage, thanks to the infused self-cleaning ADC system is combined with the customized fan overboost and HyperCool Technology. This will certainly give you seamless hours of gaming.

Keyboard And Trackpad

The keyboard just cannot be more cooler for the gamers with the lifespan of 20 million key presses. Keyboard ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74 With the industry standards still at 10 million key presses, it gives a double boost and enhanced durability. The layout is perfect and the space setting just matches with it. The gaming experience will certainly become an extravaganza with easy touch red backlit scissor-switch keys.

One more unique things about the keyboard are that it has 0.25 mm keycap curves. The keyboard experience is certainly pretty impressive and you will also get 1.8 mm keystrokes which will make it even more smooth and sensitive.

The trackpad is no bad for giving you the space to move cursor freely. The single click is also very much responsive with the excellent surface exterior to help you move the cursor with ease.

Screen, Memory, And Port

You will certainly be amused with the quite stylish 15.6-inch screen with 120hz 3ms FHD Display. As per the gamers attributes I was expecting a bit more but it reflects class and you certainly not be disappointed. The brightness level it is not as good as per the expectations. You will certainly crave in with nice experience with the screen being quite easy and smooth to face for a long period of time. You will be getting quite a sharp picturization and it will not give you any experience of feeling crampy.

Screen ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74

With ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74, you will be having 1 USB 2.0 port and 2 USB 3.0 port and its not the end as you will be getting 1000 GB hard drive which will certainly help you store your favorite games without feeling for it. Overall the I would the performance nice but it could have been better for sure with the brightness.

Audio & Webcam

The HD webcam configuring camera is not disappointing, helping you to go for streaming and video conferencing. The FHD picture quality will give you the right colors with complete accuracy.

When it is about audio quality, it’s nice and will complete making your gaming a much more fun experience. I would rate the audio quality good and at maximum volume, you will not find any sort of distorted sound.


I will certainly rate this system as complete value for investment with price starting from $1299. The computing and graphics performance is having something very serious for the gamers and you will certainly not be disappointed.

The configurations are just blended to help you with a smooth multitasking experience. Overall, I would say go for it Gamers!

Verdict – ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74

A good screen, graphics, and extended lifespan make this gaming making a good choice for the pros. The portability, classy appearance and better price when compared to other gaming laptops certainly stand in the favor of ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74.

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This system will never make you feel dull with its powerhouse performance.

Specs of ASUS TUF FX504GM-ES74
Processor Intel Core i7-8750H 6-core (up to 3.9 GHz)
Graphics NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
Storage 256GB PCIe SSD + 1TB HDD
Display 120Hz refresh rate 15.6″ Full-HD

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